36things to see and do in Barcelona


Barcelona has adopted us about 6 years ago (Ya? The Virgin as time goes by!) And we fell in love from the first moment: there are few cities so beautiful and complete … culture, art, history, sea, beaches, mountain, party … has to-do! But what are the best things to see and do in Barcelona? Well, you will not complain eh … today we are going to give you 100 ideas of things to see and do in Barcelona (there are many of you who ask us for advice … so here they go!)

– 36things to see and do in Barcelona  as recommend  5 star hotel barcelona


1- Stroll through the narrow streets full of shops of artists, craftsmen or barecitos and look for your favorite places.

2- Here you can see the remains of “Barcino” the Roman Barcelona and take a picture with the word “Barcino” written in giant letters next to the cathedral.

3- If you want to expand your knowledge about Barcelona you can visit the History Museum of the city.

4- Enjoy the majestic Cathedral and its colorful square and always full of life.

5- Visit the cloister of the cathedral, where they run 13 white geese very pestles!

6 – The nostalgic Italians will be happy to take a spritz in the little boat “Spritz” (the name is not very original I know) next to the cathedral.

7- Do not miss the Plaza Reial, beautiful by day and full of night life.

9- Passes through the Plaza San Jaime where are the town hall and the Palau de la Generalitat.

10- If you want to surround yourself with a bohemian atmosphere, have a drink at the bar “Els Quatre Gates” where, last century, the intellectuals of the moment met.

11- If you travel during the Mercé you can come across the castellers, the famous human towers that reach vertigo heights.

12- Walk down the street Porta Ferrissa full of small shops and very beautiful.

13- You can also walk along Bisbe street, one of the most beautiful and romantic streets of Barcelona and go under its arch.

14- Relax in the Plaza Sant Josep Oriol with trees and crowded bars.

15- Take a route through the churches of the Gothic, such as the Santos Justo and Pastor, the oldest in the county, the Santa Ana with a beautiful cloister, or the Santa Maria del Pi with its colorful candles in Pi plate. On the way out, a very curious gastronomic market awaits you.

16- And after so much walking the hour of the “bar-hopping” or the jump of bareto in bareto in search of the best vermouth or tapa will have arrived.

17- Explore the busiest street in Barcelona, ​​Las Ramblas, with its flowers, street artists, portrait artists and guiris … many guiris.

18- Going down we will arrive until the monument of Columbus. You can also climb to the top, only if you do not suffer from vertigo.

19- And we can go for a walk around the “Maremagnum” shopping center where you can shop or enjoy the views of the port and Montjuic on high.

20- For the more pillines, in the ramblas there is a curious museum of l’erotica.

21- If you have the possibility enter the Liceu, the most famous theater in the city, miraculously standing after several fires occurred in very strange circumstances.

22- A very peculiar place is the Bosque de las Fades: next to the wax museum is this barecito that looks like a forest full of waterfalls, fairies and trees. A magical place.

23- Take a beer, or two, or three in the Black Ovalla del Raval (there is another near the subway Marina … this is giant and is the one that Rober likes the most).

24- Salt shots in the gambling del Raval.

25- Take a walk through the most colorful market in Barcelona: La Boqueria. Here we give you more details.

26- Take a strawberry mojito at the bar La Rosa del Raval … how rich they are! And if you go hungry, ask for one of their Mexican specialties.

27- Look for the best graffiti in Barcelona: in this area there is some very cool.

28- Explore the Rambla del Raval, eat a kebab, a Hindu dish or some little sandwiches before taking a picture with Botero’s cat.

29- Cruise with the famous ale wines at € 1 … beer friend beer? Sexy beer? Always want …

30- Come to the Macba and spend a few hours between contemporary art paintings and skaters.

31- In the Raval you will also find the CCCB, the Film Library and the Biblioteca de Catalunya.

32- Walk around the Arc de Triomf area and take on the Chinese women who do aerobics, the puppies that play and young people with skates doing acrobatics.

33- Visit the church of Santa María del Mar, one of the most beautiful in Barcelona.

34- Do not miss a visit to the Palau de la Música, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful auditoriums in the world. If you are lucky and you could attend an unforgettable concert under its fabulous glass dome.

35- Lost among the narrow streets of the Borne is the probably most visited museum in Barcelona: the Picasso Museum.

36- Take a walk around the Paseo del Borne, at night it is a great place to have a drink / 5 stars hotel barcelona

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