5 curiosities of tourism in Spain

5 curiosities of tourism in Spain

Spain is the country of tourism. After the results of the year 2017, Spain again beat its record of visitors received. The growth of 8.9% with respect to the 2016 figure is only the beginning of what promises to be a trend that continues over time.


The tourism sector is one of the sectors that, in Spain, moves more money, heritage, tradition, culture, employment, etc. and has made the country is in the crosshairs of many travelers. To continue growing as it has done in recent years, the country has to be aware of its strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance some and improve the others.


For this reason we have created a list of the curiosities of Spanish tourism that can be interesting to know and investigate, in order to further increase the tourism figures in the country.


1. Tourism without limits

In 2017 international tourists who visited Spain spent a total of 87,000 million euros during their stay. The growth of the tourism sector in the country does not stop growing and so the figures show. In the last year Spain has become the second country in the world with more international visitors, stepping on the heels of France and surpassing the United States.


2. The favorite destination of the Spanish

The big apple, New York. The American city is the favorite of the Spaniards when they travel outside the country. In this case it is a journey that many lucky people have been able to make and lasts an average of a week. In the case of weekend getaways, Spaniards prefer Madrid (within the country) or other European capitals such as Paris, London, Berlin and Rome.



3. The Spanish key city

Barcelona, ​​apart from the most sustainable destination, is the favorite city of travelers, surpassing the tourism results of Madrid. Its attractive features are a magnet for tourists who want to make beach, architecture, historical or family tourism. The gastronomic guide and the good temperature in general are the first attraction for many, but the beauty of the city and the amount of activities and opportunities to explore are always a great companion.


4. The museum city

If you are looking for museum tourism, Madrid is the leader in Spain. More than 2.5 million tourists cross the doors of the Prado, Reina Sofía or Thyssen every year to see Picasso’s most prized pieces, such as Guernica. Many times museums are not given much importance but we must not forget that, just as Gaudí did art in the streets of Barcelona, ​​in Madrid there are rooms full of paintings and sculptures that represent a huge attraction for tourists. The multiple palaces, especially the real one, are also more factors of charm of the city. In addition, ham tapas are irresistible.

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