Avenida de la Luz: An underground Barcelona

Avenida de la Luz: An underground Barcelona


Christmas days are approaching. The vast majority of Barcelona residents will find ourselves from one shopping center to another. You have already noticed: people, people and more people. Are shopping centers a fashion, or have they always been? Both Laura and I have been enthusiastic about what one day was “La Avenida de la Luz”. A shopping center in the subsoil of the city of Barcelona as recommend


Today more than one entry we want to start a story. We heard all kinds of stories and we started investigating what it was.

City of light
Avenida de la Luz was part of a project called “The City of Light.” It was started in the 40s and went from Balmes street to Plaza Urquinaona. It was intended to make another city under Plaça Catalunya where the light of the shops illuminated it. The project was based on an avenue of shops, a sports palace and a palace of spectacles taking advantage of the subway corridors and the Barcelona railroad.

City of light

The mall
Of all this, he only pushed the avenue forward, a corridor of 175 meters in length and ten meters wide, where he hosted sixty-five stores of all kinds: barber shops, cinemas, recreational lounges … People remember the smell of A type of waders, they called Pamper, who came to one of these stores. My father remembers footballs, billiards and movies. The Avenida de la Luz cinema was the first Balañá in Barcelona and began the sessions at 11:00 in the morning.

Audiolens store

From splendor to decadence
In the 70’s the shopping center began to show signs of decline. When the transition came to an end, reducing police control began to be a dreadful place, full of drunks and where there were fewer families of shopping. The smell of wafers was becoming a smell of toilets without cleaning. Cinema stopped making billboard movies to become a X movie and the stores were closing slowly. A pity In 1990, he closed his doors definitively.

Avenida de la Luz today
If you have been to the Sephora of the triangle and you have lowered to the lower floor you will have visited what was a part of the avenue of light. Now it has some charm but it does not stop being a store similar to any other perfumery in the chain. This was restored and the columns that everyone remembers as typical of that mall were maintained.

Sephora of the Triangle

Another part is found on the general railroads, where you can still see where the cinema billboard was placed, and some painted shop. The central part is closed since 1990, but I think that in addition to one would be very enthusiastic to know it for the first time, or to meet again with memories of when Avenida de la Luz was a place where Spend it on Saturday afternoon.

Movie poster Avenida de la Luz

Store painted white to the FGC

If you have any experience at Avenida de la Luz or something we have said does not fit your memory, feel free to leave a comment!

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