Barcelona and its architecture

Barcelona and its architecture

Barcelona is famous for many things and one of them is architecture. The city is an endless architectural showcase in which you can find works of art in every corner, just need to raise the view of the ground. Here you can find many architectural styles of various eras, such as the walls of the Roman period or as the contemporary Agbar Tower.

If you are a lover of architecture and you are not a superintendent in the subject, in this blog post, we are going to recommend the most beautiful buildings and with more history in the city. First, it will be the turn of the needles, those buildings that you can not afford to not see them, even on the outside as say hotel passeig gracia Barcelona

Undoubtedly, the period that characterizes most of the city is modernism, this will be our second stop. This movement, led by Antoni Gaudí, one of the best-known architects in the world, distributes throughout Barcelona several buildings of this style, especially for the Eixample. The city is full of exponents of that time and we will recommend both the best known and the least visited.Patio quarry

Our last stop will be the newest buildings in Barcelona, ​​but that have become symbols of contemporary Barcelona.

In Barcelona there are buildings that are imperdible, they come out in all the guides and are the most visited. This is not in vain and as much as we are not passionate about agglomerations, they are buildings visited for its beauty and its rich history.

The first thing would be to visit the gothic quarter and impregnate the history that comes with all its architecture. You should pay attention to the Bishop’s Gate with its piece of wall, which was one of the old entrances to the city. We also suggest you take a look at the columns of the Roman Temple of Augusto in Paradise Street number 10, which were found during the works to build the new Center Excursionista de Catalunya. There is also a Roman necropolis that is located in the Plaza de la Villa in Madrid and in which you can see how the Romans buried their dead following the paths of the entrances to the cities.

If you have read or heard talk about the book The Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones sure you know the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. This basilica began to be built in 1329 and is an exponent of Catalan Gothic art. On a hot summer day it is perfect to sit for a moment in one of its benches and contemplate its beauty.

La Sagrada Familia is one of the crown jewels and one of the most visited monuments in Barcelona. Gaudí’s unfinished work is of extraordinary beauty and has many details both inside and outside that make it very special. Everyone who visits him says he is speechless and for some reason it will be.

The rooftop quarry

La Pedrera (Casa Milà) and Casa Batlló, two works designed by Antoni Gaudí, are very close to each other, so visiting them in the morning is very feasible. We recommend that you enter La Pedrera, especially for your roof, which contains the figures that supposedly inspired George Lucas to create the image of the Stormtroopers. Casa Batlló is worth a visit inside, but if you should choose, we believe that with its beautiful and colorful facade you will be satisfied.

Finally, as imperative and leaving things in the inkwell, we propose Park Güell for its unique charm. It is a very special place in which you will have a beautiful Barcelona view. In the park there are many things to discover, such as the sources of the main staircase, the undulating bench or the hipostyle hall.

Modernist buildings
As we have said before, modernism is the style that characterizes Barcelona. In the previous section we have recommended several modernist buildings that you should visit and which are the ones most people visit, but there are many more that are not so known and that they are not made by the genius Gaudí.

Casa Martí and Casa Amatller, are somewhat known, but may be eclipsed by other works. In the case of Casa Martí, it is located next to Portal de l’Àngel and its ground floor houses the famous restaurant Els Quatre Gats. If you are going to visit it, we recommend you take a break and eat in the restaurant since the food is of quality. The Casa Amatller is right next to Casa Batlló, which is why it is often unnoticed by the crowd. It was built by Josep Puig i Cadafalch and has a design that attracts attention, with the upper part of its flat and stepped façade. If you are going to see the Casa Batlló, you should spend a few minutes looking at the Casa Amatller too.

Casa Martí

Casa Comalat and Casa Planells are not so well known, but they are very unique and the two are located on Avinguda Diagonal.

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