Barcelona for senior tourism

Barcelona for senior tourism


Barcelona is a dynamic and very lively city, which has a lot to offer young and local travelers, however with regard to tourism for older adults is a little more demure, in this article we give a unique approach. A tapas bar does not seem to be a striking option and neither the famous night parties so famous in Barcelona, ​​because sometimes they require a lot of energy. But it is true that there are also hundreds of tourists who have a list of everything they want to avoid during their holidays. Traveling to a city as bustling as Barcelona is may seem problematic. But still, the holidays can be pleasant and quiet even in such an energetic city. For a more relaxed, but productive vacation in Barcelona, ​​we made a list of ideas for older tourists who already have extensive travel experience.

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1. Take the turibus “up and down as many times as you want”
Some options on public transport can be considered terrible alternatives to explore the city. However, what most tourists overlook, is that it is possible to put aside public transport and go out to know the places of interest on our own. The turibus should be perceived as a shared bus, which takes you directly to the different emblematic points of the city. Entering a context more focused on older tourists, it is better to establish our own rules at our own pace, and go to places that only interest us, so it is not necessary to use public transport or collect miles for the next destination, it is only travel more comfortably within the city. This style of discovering Barcelona without a doubt is much more comfortable than using public transport or walking, however you should know that there is also a wide range of services of this style, which makes it perfect for travelers with great experience. They value discovering the city without effort.

The BARCELONA BUS TURISTIC BUS will take you through three different routes that have several emblematic points along the way, which allows you to change between one route and another with the same ticket. You can choose between the red, blue or green route, depending on the places you are most interested in visiting. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!



2. Dinner in the dark
Instead of going to a traditional restaurant, activate your senses in an unusual way – dinner in the dark. As part of this experience, you will be treated to some incredible gastronomic dishes. Feel your sense of sight is completely absent and try to make use of all your other senses for this unique experience, following a sequence of sensations that expose all your senses to the fullest by delighting in authentic Spanish food. This experience will definitely mark your vacation in Barcelona. Collect moments not things.


3. Visit the Botanical Garden
The best botanical gardens can be found in Barcelona and are in Montjuic, an extensive park covers the slope of the south side of the city. The Botanical Garden Jardi de Barcelona displays an assortment of plants from around the world with an emphasis on Mediterranean climate plants. It is the home of one of the largest herbaria in all of Catalonia. In addition to the remarkable collection of vegetation, you can appreciate a beautiful view of Barcelona from the Botanical Garden, since it is at the top of the mountain. In any case, do not get hooked to a single view since in these gardens you can see 87 exposure points.


4. Take classes
Regardless if they are salsa, flamenco or a culinary class, discover more about the lifestyle and cuisine of Barcelona, ​​trying interactive classes! There is no better way to know about a place than to interact with its people. Why not understand more about the culture of this incredible city through more interactive methods? Try to prepare a paella or sign up for a tapas workshop. There are many possibilities to know more about Barcelona, ​​without relating to crowds of tourists looking for the typical attractions of the city. Get information about the city from the perspective of the locals and know how much about Barcelona even beyond its tourist attractions.


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