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NBA’s Preseason PR Tour in Europe

Tony Parker missed his chance to play for his country this summer, a broken finger kept him out of the world championships in August, but he wouldn’t miss the chance to play for the home fans in two cities. Now the San Antonio Spurs’ guard is getting a chance to play in his homeland.

The Spurs is one of the four NBA teams that are in France, spending a portion of its preseason overseas as part of the NBA Europe Live tour. The Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns joined the Spurs in Europe to get an earlier start even if this meant they would do it really far from home. The rest of the NBA just opened up training camps at home. The 76ers are in Barcelona, the Clippers in Moscow and the Suns in Treviso, Italy, and Rome.

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Phoenix Suns will later head to Cologne, Germany, for the most important event of the whole trip, a two-day tournament that also includes CSKA Moscow and Maccabi Tel Aviv, the top two finishers in the Euroleague last year. The last event is heavily pushed by the NBA, they are calling it its “most ambitious international initiative,” because it comes with a number of marketing and promotional activities.

I think we can all conclude that this is a Public Relations trip more than a preseason preparation, since basketball has become such a global game. What brings the more challenge to the players might be the fact that it is something like 13 time zones. They will be jet lagged and they will be going to be playing two pretty tough teams. But at the end the NBA has high hopes that the teams will accomplish what they want to accomplish, and in the process they might want to take advantage of the trip for the players to get a little culture as well.

Andorra Skiing More Affordable with Low Cost Airlines

Many Europeans enjoy going on holiday in the winter, and ski slopes are one of the major destinations for individuals on holiday during the cold months.

Usually the only thing stopping an individual or family from going on holiday is the price tag, as some individuals and families don’t have the financial resources to fund a holiday trip to go skiing. However several low cost airlines are making a holiday to the ski slopes affordable for many more individuals and families.

Several airlines recently announced a plan to encourage more trips to ski resorts by opening up additional routes for travel. These fly passengers directly to the airports that are closest to several of the major skiing destinations for many individuals and families on holiday. For example, easyJet flies passengers on holiday into Barcelona, which is the nearest airport to the Andorra skiing resorts.

In addition to the flight taking passengers to ski at Andorra, there are several more flights connecting skiiers to their favorite ski destinations. Flights from London, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, Blackpool and Newscastle all connect individuals to their favorite skiing destinations. In fact, Ryanair announced in October of 2007 that they would increase the number of ski routes to 58, which is the largest number of direct routes from the UK to European ski destinations for one company.

Of course several other airline companies have followed suit and are also offering individuals and families on holiday to ski resorts with low costs and direct flights. These include Snowjet, Flybe, Thomsonfly and of course easyJet.

The reason airlines have chosen to increase the number of direct routes they provide to ski resorts for the 2007 winter holiday period is due to the fact business is booming. As of the end of October, easyJet alone reported over 2.5 million bookings for individuals and families wanting their flying services to travel to skiing destinations in Europe during the winter.

Increasing the number of direct routes of these low costs airlines allows even more people to book flights for their holiday plans.

Due to the fact that more direct routes have been developed, individuals can expect to pay less for their flight than in previous years. More routes have made it possible for individuals to connect to their favourite skiing place straight from their local airport.

This means individuals don’t have to fly out of their way and experience a stopover before they even board the actual plane that will take them where they want to go. This will be a major benefit to many individuals as it will save time flying and instead allow them with more time to spend on the slopes actually skiing.

If you are planning to go skiing for your next holiday, consider using one of the low cost airlines offering direct ski routes. Not only do they offer you direct routes that fly you into the airport nearest the ski resort you are staying at, but they also make taking a holiday affordable for more skiiers.

Organising a Stag Night in Barcelona?

Barcelona has it all – sun is hot, the nightlife is hot, and the women even hotter. What could be better setting for your stag weekend than the sexy Spain’s stunning capital Barcelona?

Barcelona’s status as one of the top three Stag weekend locations in Europe is totally deserved. The ideas for an unforgettable weekend are never ending. Take a spot of golfing, a pinch of sight-seeing, a mouthful of amazing food, all finished with a glass or two of Sangria, and you and the boys will be on your way to a stag night to remember.

If food and drink does not tick off everything on your pre-wedding wish list, surely watching a soccer game at the famous Nou Camp Stadium during your stag night will. With a crowd capacity of 100,000 and a home crowd bordering on insane, home games are always popular, and guaranteed to get you in the mood for an hectic evening.

If you’re a bit of a culture vulture on the sly then Catalan’s city of creativity offers entertainment as diverse as the mind blowing Dali museum, and as cheeky as the Museo de la Erotica. Fiery flamenco, amazing beaches, the yachts, and the shops and cafes of La Rambla, will have you reeling in delight. A trip to the famous Barcelona Bullring will add a touch of genuine Spanish charm. And for the more active why not head out to Port Aventura’s Universal Studios Theme Park, try quad biking, or race your mates on the outdoor karting track.

If the sun, sand, Sangria and fun-filled activities are all too much, a 90-minute sail on a catamaran, out into the tranquility of the Med will sooth those aching bodies and clear your heads.

A great end to a great stag weekend.

Shopping in Barcelona – Part 1

St. Joseph Market is one of, if not the most popular markets in town. It is best known as Mercat de la Boqueria. Opened originally in 1836, it is a roofed catalan market with interesting architecture and atmosphere, not to mention a wonderful variety of products to choose from. Here you will find reasonably priced food, flowers and handmade stuff.

If you’re traveling with children, be sure to hit up the central sidewalk of Las Ramblas Ave, almost in front of La Boqueria market. There you will see many street stalls selling all sorts of small animals from birds to lizards to hampsters and dogs. Many locals say this is quite like an American petting zoo.

Walk around the Old Town (Gotic-Ribera-Born) and you will find a less known but equally interesting market. Mercat de Santa Caterina, which was closed for many years, was re-opened in 2005. The most interesting feature of this less crowded market is the colorful and wavy ceramic roof. Once inside the market, your choices are much the same, but you will not find yourself fighting all the tourists at the more popular market, Mercat de la Boqueria.

Walk towards the steps of the Santiago and you will come across small craft shops that appear to be old homes. Go inside and drink in all the wonderful handmade items, from silver jewelry and handmade toys to flamenco fans, paper-mache masks, textiles, beads, glass plates and mosaics. These will serve as great sourvenirs and will likely be the topic of conversation for years to come.

If you love chocolate, stop by Cacao Sampaka. The treats you will find here are exceptional and are only found in Europe. More specifically, there are less than 10 shops that carry these divine works of art. Because Cacao Sampaka are the manufacturers of chocolate, they control the entire process, from choosing the beans to the packaging of the product; and it shows. Only here can you find friend corn with bitter chocolate, salted sunflower seeds with bitter chocolate, lemon peels covered in chocolate, chocolate sauces, jams and spreads.

Caelum is the Latin word for Heaven and the folks that opened Caelum Shop/Cafe knew exactly what they were offering. Everything in this shop has been created by monks and nuns from several monestaries and nunneries throghout Spain; jams and preserves, cakes and biscuits, marzipan and liquors. The packaging makes them great gifts and recently they’ve added a cafe on the ground floor so you can try before you buy. If you take the stairs down even further, you will find yourself back in time in the old Jewish bath house; these baths date back some 400 years.

Before you leave, make sure to visit Fantastik. This is the place that has labeled itself ‘bazaar bizarro’ and in it you will find trinkets, toys, gadgets and colorful goodies, both useful and useless. The price tag ranges from expensive to dirt cheap so there is something for everyone. Pick up cute things from around the world including matchboxes adorned with rhinestones from India or woven technicolor plastic floormats, lanterns and chests made rom soda cans from Africa. Bring a friend home a Luchadora mask from Mexico or any one of their posters, t-shirts or memorabilia.

When in Barcelona, shop as the locals do. Visit and enjoy the outdoor markets and the crafty little shops and bring something unique home for everyone on your shopping list!

Volvo’s New Design Direction Inspired by Barcelona

Barcelona, a sophisticated and stylish city in Spain, is more than just a tourist attraction. The warmth, culture and feisty ambience of the city made every visitor long for a return. The Picasso Museum in honor of a famous artist could be influential to some especially to his fellow artists. Barcelona’s elegance and artistic dexterity have attracted Volvo’s designers to come up with fabulous lineup that mirrors future auto design.

Barcelona is without doubt one of the most popular and exciting cities in the Mediterranean. It boasts enticing beaches, rich history and culture that could be reckoned back over 2,000 years. Everyone deserves to see the beauty and grandeur of this city. This is the inspiration that Volvo wants to achieve so the pool of design experts of the automaker imbibed the artistic and inspiring features of the city to its vehicle lineup.

David Ancona, chief designer at Volvo’s Design Centre in Barcelona, first visited the country in 1992 as a consultant with Seat. According to him Barcelona offers the kind of bustling pace, diverse culture and nurturing of creativity that designers need to fuel their passion.

Ancona and his staff spend their days in an awe-inspiring building in an astonishing city that takes design seriously, from the architecture to the large limited-run furniture industry to the mounting respect for its fashion industry and designers like the world-renowned Balenciaga.

Ancona said, “It helps, even when your employer is a couple of thousand miles away, has a very different culture, a different climate and a different aesthetic — Swedish automaker Volvo. I was here both to visit the design centre and to try the new C30, a coupe Ancona describes as an “unapologetic” three-door car.”

Ancona thought the Mini and the A3 are beginning to suffer from overexposure, perfectly positioning the Volvo C30. So there has to be something to divert the bandwagon and it has something to do with transforming the aging Volvo 960 parts into something fabulous in the present time.

“The Volvos you see on the road are an amalgam of designs that originate here, in California and in Goteborg, Sweden. The original design, interiors and colour for the company’s VCC concept originated here, as did the first sketches for the C70. The front end came from here,” Ancona divulged. “The rest just skewed too young,” he added, illustrating why it takes a village to raise a Volvo. “Designs always end up a blend. The senior managers all get together and do a walk-around, looking very serious. We have been fairly successful the last couple of years. Part of our job is to supply management with enough things in the cookie jar that they can make a business case.”

Ancona admitted that the Barcelona office is “extremely influential. “Our success has been in inverted proportion to our size.” Ancona added, “The process starts with a designer searching for an emotional hook and hand drawing, which to anyone with some life drawing background would look much like gesture sketches – quick, rough and spontaneous. They are exaggerated, then we begin to bring it into realistic proportions.”

He continued, “From there, a design is worked into Photoshop, then goes to Alias modellers who work with the 3D design software. Then, to Bunkspeed, a visualization tool that takes an Alias model and assesses its proportions, highlights, etc., and is managed by a Playstation controller. Designers can use Bunkspeed (which loads an Alias design in about 30 seconds) to change colors, virtually “drive” the vehicle, change light sources to check out shadows, etc. Before Bunkspeed, it was ridiculous to me that within the industry visualization tools weren’t up to par with what you could do in your own living room.”

Among the three Volvo design studios in Barcelona is a “certain competitiveness, but we’re all in the same game. The end product is the thing. We’ve all got enough confidence in senior management to make the right decision. You win some, you lose some.” When asked whether Barcelona’s influence is a liability, the Volvo designer answered on the negative. “Particularly with prestige brands there is a strong brand identity and our designs have to have that. Our cars have that short-nose, long-tail feel of the S60, but we’re here to give our take on things, so there has to be some leeway.” After a car design has passed design feasibility, heavy engineering becomes crucial.

After the Volvo C30 is seen on the roads, Ancona said Volvo may consider producing a sports car – a la the RX8 or a sports car like the Volvo P1800. These future vehicles could just popped up out of nowhere.

Dining Onboard Ventura

Dining onboard Ventura

Stunning superliner Ventura is the newest addition to the P&O cruise lines fleet. It is the largest ship built exclusively for the British market, with this in mind the features onboard have been carefully created to appeal to the contemporary cruise passenger. With a selection of dining, everyone has been catered for; ensuring traditional and flexible options are available, giving people a choice, and a chance to experience new and exciting flavours.

The ships three main restaurants offer a selection of a la carte dining, with five course menus they are giving a traditional approach to the fine dining onboard:

Bay Tree and Saffron Restaurants

The Bay Tree and Saffron Restaurants are situated on F Deck offering a wide selection of breakfast and lunch menus. Club Dining is offered in the evening, operating on a fixed seating basis this gives the option for passengers to sit with the same companions each night, dining at the same table and a specified time. There are two options of sittings, with the first at 6.30pm and the second sitting at 8.30pm. The menus are inspired by the destinations, incorporating Marco Pierre Whites signature dishes; the traditional ambience is designed to add an amazing dining experience to your cruise.

Cinnamon Restaurant

Providing evening Freedom dining, Cinnamon Restaurant works on the same menu choices as the Bay Tree and Saffron Restaurants, in that you experience an exquisite five course meal, you do however have the option of freedom dining, allowing you to dine at any time you wish, with whoever you would like. This gives you flexibility at the time in which you go to dinner between the hours of 6.00pm and 10.00pm.

For daytime and casual dining there are a number of places to eat, offering a relaxed and casual approach for the modern day cruiser:

Beach house family restaurant

With its family friendly meals and its beach themed decor, including stripy deckchairs, The Beach House restaurant is a casual option for families. Designed by Marco Pierre White, The Beach House will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks during 24-hour buffet dining.  In order to provide a relaxed family atmosphere there are high chairs available in the restaurant as well as children’s cutlery, bibs and beakers. The menu is fun and creative and has been designed to be a success with people of all ages, with children’s favourites such as spaghetti and meatballs, designed to appeal to adults and children.


The Tazzine café, offers amazing specialty coffee and teas, alongside a mid morning or afternoon snack such as cookies, pastries and savory snacks. The Tazzine is the place to go to relax, soak up the stylish interiors and indulge in good conversation.

Frankies Pizzeria, Grill and ice cream parlour,

 Situated on the Lido deck, you can indulge in a selection of gourmet pizza options created by Marco Pierre White. Based loosely on the Frankie’s chain of restaurants created by Marco Pierre White and Frankie Detorri, you have the choice of hotdogs, burgers and pizzas. After these snacks you have the option of ice cream flavours, such as indulgent chocolate truffle, exotic prune and Armagnac.


The Waterside is the ships largest self service buffet situated on the Lido Deck, you can get breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. The informal setting is relaxing, yet the interiors are chic and stylish. You may enjoy a selection of breakfasts, including cereal, fruit and hot dishes. With lunches of salads, pasta and quiches to name a small selection of what is to offer.

Select Dining onboard gives the passengers a chance to dine at the speciality restaurants, experiencing different menu influences and options for the diners, these restaurants offer an ambience of exclusivity and stylish dining for special occasions or simply to taste and try new foods:

The White Room

Marco Pierre White’s stylish Italian restaurant offers fine dining onboard the Ventura. The three coveted Michelin star chef has created a restaurant and menu to create a unique experience onboard. With an al fresco option for diners to sit under the stars, the Italian influenced food is the Ventura’s signature restaurant. The White Room has a select Dining cover charge, which can depend on the length of the cruise, on longer sailings it is currently £20 per person per cover charge, on days at sea The White Room offer a lunch menu.

 Ramblas Tapas and wine bar 

Based on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, The Ramblas Tapas bar offers an authentic Spanish tapas food selection, including dishes such as shellfish paella and gazpacho. With the sound of a Spanish guitar playing and the traditional Spanish décor including a fake olive tree, this is an authentic and lively setting. There is a chance to dine in the more formal dining area which offers more substantial tapas, paella and seafood, or to have snacks in the bar area. The tapas and snacks are without a charge during the day. A small charge of £5 Per Person per Cover Charge for a 3 course meal or a select 3 small Tapas snacks from the menu for just £2.50 is charged in the evenings.


 The Asian infused restaurant, offers a selection of contemporary foods inspired by the foods of the east, East offers an amazing ambience, giving an almost romantic setting. An example of the amazing cuisine is spicy tamarind duck and a fantastic selection of Dim Sum. You can even watch the chef prepare your food in the open kitchen area. There is a surcharge for the East restaurant, which is around £15 per person.

Balcony Dining,

Ventura is offering you a chance to indulge in the chefs finest foods whilst relaxing in your own cabin; you can enjoy a champagne breakfast or enjoy a romantic sunset dinner. The food is delivered direct to your cabin door. You will pay extra for this service, but it is an opportunity to be in your own surroundings and dine under the stars.

 With such a variety in dining options onboard The Ventura available 24 hours a day, passengers are able to experience a flexible yet traditional approach to their time onboard. Experiencing true authenticity in the specialist restaurants, and world class menus, with food designed by the Michelin starred Chef Marco Pierre White.

With exceptional service on offer you can experience unique and specialist food in the Ramblas Tapas bar, White Room, and East restaurants. Whether you like the casual or formal approach within The Bay Tree, Saffron and Cinnamon restaurants, or the relaxed yet intriguing style of the The Beach House, all followed by an ice cream from Frankie’s Ice Cream Parlour. The choice is part of the cruise experience and one that can make each day onboard a delightful and mouth-watering experience.


10 Must-Dos When In Barcelona

High spirits and vitality govern in abundance when in Barcelona. This infectious capital of Catalonia, and second largest city in Spain, exudes soul and energy, living life to the full. Barcelona’s verve is matched by its magnificent architecture, characterised by one man’s signature, Antonio Gaudi.

1. Las Ramblas

Running from seafront through to Placa de Catalunya, Las Ramblas is a fusion of market stalls and street entertainment. Watch out for the mime artists, though keep a hand on your wallet.

2. Sagrada Familia Church

In progress since 1882, La Sagrada Familia is perhaps Antonio Gaudi’s most magnificent achievement. As yet unfinished, the ongoing construction of this gothic masterpiece is financed through tourism.

3. Picasso Museum

Born in Malaga, Pablo Picasso moved to Barcelona during his teen years. Though many of his greatest works are in private hands, the Picasso Museum on the Carrer Moncada is well worth a visit.

4. Casa-Museu Gaudi

A pink, Alice-in-Wonderland house is the setting for the Gaudi museum. Gaudi lived in this surreal location between 1906 and 1926 with his niece. Exhibits in the museum include furniture, drawings and portraits designed by the great man himself.

5. The Poble Espanyol

Completed in 1929, the ‘Spanish Village’ is a compilation of buildings representing the collective architectural characteristics of Spain. A celebration of all things Spanish, the village has become a gathering place to dine and be entertained.

6. Bishop’s Palace

After being destroyed by fire, Bishop Juan Bautista Grau i Vallespinós commissioned Antonio Gaudi to design a new, more magnificent palace in 1887. Upon the bishop’s death, and consequent interference from the diocese, Gaudi abandoned the project. It was not inhabited until 1961.

7. Gothic Quarter

On the site of an ancient Roman village, the Gothic Quarter is a contrast of contemporary and medieval architecture, incorporating the magnificent 14th century cathedral.

8. Olympic Stadium

During 1992, the eyes of the world focused on the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona as they hosted the Olympic Games. Today a popular athletics facility, the stadium was a redesigned version of the original built in 1929.

9. Passeig de Gracia

As one of the major shopping areas of Barcelona, Passeig de Gracia caters for the modest, and also those who prefer the more sophisticated boutiques. Bars and restaurants also line the thoroughfare.

10. Lover’s Day

On behalf of those looking for romance, Barcelona obliges with its own version of St Valentines, known as Lover’s Day, celebrated every April 23rd.

Spain Travel Guide Just One Click

Did you know that Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for golfing? Playing a few rounds in this country is a smart choice: good weather, excellent golf courses, and a variety of settings, first-class cuisine, culture and entertainment. Spain boasts long stretches of sandy beaches and once you leave the spurious glitz of the tourist resorts, you’ll find the real Spain which shimmers to the strum of flamenco guitars.

Spain is more than bullfights, flamenco dancers and crowded beaches. It’s a spectacular and diverse country, the north resembling the rolling, green hills of Ireland and the south giving you a taste of Moroccan landscapes and architecture. Its tremendous history is reflected in its prehistoric cave paintings, Moorish palaces, crumbling castles, Roman ruins, Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals as well as some very distinctive modern architecture. The season of festivals and fiestas is revving up to full throttle, from streets carpeted in flowers to films-by-the-sea, from the running of the bulls to concerts and ballet in the gardens of the caliphs.

Spanish people are very open-hearted and communicative. You won’t have any problems to get to know someone, especially in the big cities like Madrid or Barcelona. It’s often said that the Spanish living room is the bar where the people usually spend a lot of time in the mornings and in the evenings. If you like the countryside, then you will love “Green Spain”. The Regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country are home to some of the most valuable and best-conserved ecological areas in Europe. Contrasting landscapes, salt water rivers, endless green.

The north and east of Spain has its own special appeal. The north, central and north east of Spain, in the areas of Castile and Aragon are where the “Catholic Monarchs”, Isabel the 1st and Fernando the 2nd of Aragon, ruled and engaged in the “Reconquest of Spain”. The east of Spain holds the modernistic architecture of Barcelona, the ultra modern architecture of Valencia and the upcoming community of Zaragoza, not to mention numerous walled cities that retain much of their middle age character.

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Still The Champions—Queen + Paul Rodgers: New Album, New Tour

When rock legends get together, it’s almost always something incredible. And when legends as iconic as Queen and Paul Rodgers get together to form a musical partnership, then take it on tour, it’s even better. Taking it one step further into the realm of rock-fan heaven, that musical partnership has turned into a band of its own—Queen + Paul Rodgers announced a new tour, and a new album full of their own material.

For long-time fans of classic rock, it’s still hard to imagine Queen without Freddie Mercury, but back in late 2004, a collaboration between Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor and Raul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company fame brought crowds to their feet at the UK Music Hall of Fame awards with performances of “We Will Rock You,” “We Are the Champions” and “All Right Now.” The successful chemistry was not lost on the trio of experienced performers and Queen + Paul Rodgers was born.

The “new” group was officially formed and their first public performance together was March 2005, in South Africa, supporting Nelson Mandela’s 46664 AIDS awareness campaign. A tour quickly followed with the rock legends playing 32 sold out dates across Europe and the UK. The 23-date North American tour went on the road in 2006 and the live concert “Return of the Champions” simultaneous CD/DVD release followed soon after. Up until now, they’ve been playing the “classics”—giving fans what they wanted to hear—favourite rock anthems and tunes.

Every now and then, concert fans would get a taste of something different when on tour Queen + Paul Rodgers would treat concertgoers to surprise additions to the set list. Fans in Japan heard “I Was Born to Love You,” while those at the Hyde Park concert heard a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Perhaps paying tribute to Cream, on reunion tour at the same time in London, Newcastle audiences were treated to “Sunshine of Your Love.” North American dates saw a frequent addition of “Dragon Attack.”

Finally, Queen + Paul Rodgers have recorded an album together—the first new studio album to carry the Queen name since the Freddie Mercury days.

Rockin’ the House

With the new album comes a new tour. Queen + Paul Rodgers are hitting the road for an extensive 28-date tour, taking them to 14 countries in seven weeks, covering Europe and the UK. The album is set to hit stores in September, and the Cosmos Rocks Tour starts 15 September 2008 in Moscow. Queen + Paul Rodgers then heads to Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands before they land in the UK in early October for six dates, including London’s O2 Arena on 13 October. After making the rounds of Nottingham, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham and Liverpool the band is off to Serbia, Hungary, Spain and Austria.

Queen + Paul Rodgers concerts feature songs from their new album, of course, but these guys are veteran performers and crowd pleasers. The concert sets will also include material from both Queen and Paul Rodgers history. Sure to be included in the set lists are Queen mega-hits “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” “We Are the Champions,” “We Will Rock You” and of course, the classic rock anthem “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Expected Rodgers hits include “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” “Wishing Well,” “Can’t Get Enough” and “All Right Now.” The new album features all new material by May, Taylor and Rodgers, plus “Say It’s Not True,” previously released at the end of 2007 as a World Aids Day download.

Making the Rounds

The Cosmos Rocks Tour starts at the Moscow SCO Olympic Arena 15th and 16th September, then moves to Berlin, Antwerp, Paris, Rome, Milan and ends September in Zurich. October takes Queen + Paul Rodgers to Munich, Mannheim, Hannover, Hamburg and Rotterdam before landing the band at the Nottingham Trent FM Arena on the 10th. UK dates are:


Friday 10th—Nottingham Trent FM Arena

Saturday 11th—Glasgow SE&CC

Monday 13th—London O2

Tuesday 14th—Cardiff International Arena

Thursday 16th—Birmingham NIA

Saturday 18th—Liverpool Echo Arena

The Cosmos Rocks Tour then heads to Barcelona, Spain then off to the Murcia Estadio Municipal and Madrid, before heading to Budapest, Belgrade and Prague, and finally wrapping up on the 1st of November in Vienna.

The Cosmos Rocks Tour is sure to be pure auditory ambrosia for Queen and Paul Rodgers fans alike, and combining the two legends into one band is a stroke of pure, fan-pleasing genius.

Three Recent Studies: Olive Oil’s Impact on Cancer and Aging

Three Recent Studies: Olive Oil’s Impact on Cancer and Aging

As reported in Agroinformació, three recent studies in Spain document the positive effect of virgin olive oil on overall human wellbeing especially relating to cancer and aging:

1 – ‘Olive oil consumption blocks the generation of cancerous tissue’ –
The consumption of olive oil blocks the generation of oncogenic (cancerous) tissue, as explained at the first ‘Worldwide Nutrition Congress’ held in Barcelona by Angel Gil, an expert in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Granada.

In this recent study, over 40% of rats fed sunflower oil died of tumors, as opposed to olive oil fed rats that scarcely produced any deaths at all. Whereas sunflower oil and animal fat promoted the creation of the three main food related cancers, olive oil reduced the creation of these cancerous tumors.

While noting that this does not mean that the consumer of sunflower oil has a greater risk of developing cancer than those who consume olive oil, according to Gil, there is an influence. This is confirmed by the greater longevity of people living in the Mediterranean rim countries.

2 – Expert corroborates that the consumption of olive oil increases longevity –
According to an investigation reported by Jose Mataix, professor at the University of Granada, the consumption of olive oil increases longevity and helps maintain the body in good working order.
According Professor Mataix: “the animals in this study that consumed (olive oil) lived longer and, through the microscope, we perceive that their structures were better conserved than those that consumed seed oils. Also, the latter (the animals that consumed seed oils) developed more tumors”. While noting that the results are not extrapolatable to humans ‘a priori’, professor Mataix added that “being as the aging mechanisms are similar, it can be deduced that virgin olive oil maintains this correlation both in (the animals) as well as in people”

3 – Olive oil, Good for almost everything, also to prevent cancer –
A new study confirms that (olive oil) contributes to stopping cancer. A scientific team at the Municipal Institute of Investigative Medicine, Barcelona, studied the degrees of oxidization of genetic material in 182 men, 20 – 60 years of age from the north, center and south of Europe.

The study, was published in the January 2007 edition of the FASEB Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Virgin olive oil has a higher content of phenolic compounds than processed olive oil. These phenolic compounds may obstruct the harmful effect of cholesterol on blood vessels. The oxidization of genetic cellular material appears linked to the formation of some forms of cancer.

During two weeks the participants were given a daily dose of 25 ml. of olive. The analysis showed that the excretion of oxidative residue from the DNA and RNA in the urine was higher in the regions of northern Europe when compared to the central southern Europe. These findings uphold the suggestion that the intake of olive oil is beneficial and can reduce the oxidization of DNA.

What can we conclude? – Whereas the flavor enhancing qualities are reason enough for many consumers to include extra virgin olive oil as an integral part of their daily diet. When the documented health benefits are considered, the case for real extra virgin olive oil becomes all the more compelling.

Kelly Martinez – Managing Director Antonio Celentano Extra Virgin Olive Oil