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Finding a Place to Lay Your Head in Spain

There’s nothing like a vacation to relax your soul and renew your outlook on life. Particularly if you’re visiting a foreign country, like Spain, where there are many historical and cultural sights and gorgeous beaches to lounge on.

As exciting as the actual vacation can be, the time leading up to it is often hectic and confusing as you make your travel plans. One of the most difficult tasks in planning a vacation in Spain, particularly if you don’t speak the language, is finding hotel accommodations that suit your needs and your budget.

Fortunately, Spain has a great number of great places to lay your head, and you can spend as much or as little as you like per night. Of course, what you spend also depends on what you must have to spend your vacation comfortably and where you plan to stay. If you plan to stay in one of the larger cities, like Barcelona, you can expect to pay a higher price for your hotel room than if you stay in one of the smaller cities.

One trick to getting the lowest possible rates for your accommodations in Spain is to actually not make reservations until you get to Spain. Try to arrive at your actual destination as early in the day as possible, and then take a bit of time to check out options other than hotels, such as hostels or hostales, where you can often get a nice, comfortable room at very little cost.

In Spain, there are a few different options for holiday accommodations, such as:

Hotels: Hotels in Spain are pretty much the same as they are in other countries. Most have private bathrooms, safety features, and air conditioning. They generally accept payment by credit card and can be booked ahead of time from your home or travel agency. As an added benefit, you’re very likely to find English-speaking staff to assist you.

Hostels or Hostales: Hostels are often known as youth hostels. However, they are also open to families. These are less expensive than hotels, though they may not have some of the luxuries. Many of them have very nice rooms and often have staff members who speak English. Some have private bathroom you may have to supply your own towels and washcloths, though.

Pensiones: These are basically rooms for rent. They’re very basic and may not be as nice as the accommodations of a hostel or hotel. The rooms are sometimes quite small, don’t have air conditioning, and guests usually have to share a bathroom. Most don’t accept credit card payments and may not have English-speaking staff.

Holiday Apartments: There are plenty of apartments available to travellers in Spain. These are, as they sound, full apartments including bedrooms, sitting areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. They’re an excellent option for long vacations or for families who prefer to keep their children all under one roof rather than in several separate hotel rooms.

When planning a trip to Spain, it’s best to reserve hotels ahead of time since it can be difficult to find accommodations during some months of the year. This is especially true if you’re travelling to places such as Barcelona or Madrid where it can be difficult to get a hotel room in the summer even well in advance.

If you plan to stay in a hostel, you may wish to wait until you get there to choose your accommodations. Because the quality of hostels and the amenities they offer varies widely, it’s best if you check out the room before you reserve it. This does, of course, run some risk of not finding a place at all or having to settle for something less luxurious than you might otherwise stay in.

In the end, where you choose to stay in Spain really depends on what you’d like to spend and what kind of luxuries you’re used to having and it may just depend on how adventurous you are, too!

Romantic Getaways In Barcelona

But if you and your partner are looking for something a bit different, then there is no better city in the world than Barcelona to get your pulse racing again.

Romance is one thing. The place you stay is something else altogether. You cannot hope to have a romantic getaway without the proper accommodation. Wherever you go, you will be spending a good chunk of your time in your hotel, holiday apartment or resort. If the accommodation is not up to your expectations, then your romantic holiday will not get off on the right note.
It is not only staying in the right place that should make a difference. You have to stay in the right location to avoid having to travel too far to the romantic places you wish to visit while you are in Barcelona.

One place you should consider is Hotel Girona. The hotel is situated in proximity to the main city centre. Set in modernist architecture, the hotel has an understatement of romance and elegance. The interior has maintained an element of its originality and is a true reflection of Barcelona’s rich history. The outside terrace area is the most romantic and provides the perfect intimate setting for any couple looking for some quiet time.

If you are the type of person who is looking for something a little different, then Hotel Arts should provide you with just that. It is not your mainstream idea of romance, but rather provides the views that all seaside holidays should be made of. The hotel is slightly pricier than other Barcelona getaways, but its minimalist styling and panoramic views should make it all worthwhile. The hotel bar serves over 500 wines, so even the most discerning palate should find no reason to complain. Couples can spend romantic pampered days in the spa, followed by a sunset walk along the promenade.

If you prefer not to stay right in the city centre, then Hotel Relais d’Orsa should be perfect. The hotel is located a half hour from the city centre and is a true taste of Spanish elegance. The hotel is styled in original 18th century finishings. Situated on a hilltop, the views of Barcelona are breathtaking. The hotel combines old charm with all the modern amenities you could wish for. The surrounding area is as green as you will find anywhere in the world and is the perfect setting for a quiet, romantic getaway.

There are too many places to mention where to stay in romantic Barcelona. There is so much choice in the way of hotels, accommodation and holiday apartments that whatever your tastes, you will find the perfect romantic setting.

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Barcelona Day Bed and Breakfast in Florence for a Perfect Holiday

Florence has faced the beginning and the collapse of Medici power. If a person wants to experience the living in Florence then only a Barcelona Day Bed and breakfast room would be a perfect match. Living in Florence provides ample opportunities to take a feel of the Italian culture that is the way they live.

There is no hustle in finding a Barcelona Day Bed and breakfast accommodation in Florence as there are n no of renovated homes and mansions which provide these facilities at very reasonable rates. These are not only the casual houses but they are renovated in such a way that they restores there original charm of the ancient time. Many of the old and unique statues and antique pieces, amazing wooden work can be easily seen in these accommodations. Although they look old but still they have all the luxuries and facilities like internet access, bars and pubs, Jacuzzis etc.

Barcelona Day Bed and Breakfast, the name defines it itself as there you get the breakfast only. The menu is not fixed everywhere as few provides the full fledged breakfast meal consisting meat, egg dishes, porridge, juices, toasts, etc. Whereas some serve the traditional continental breakfast that is doughnuts with some coffee or juice. There are several places which do not provide breakfast along with the Barcelona Day Bed in other words one need to pay extra for the breakfast.

There are many of the places where one can easily get the Barcelona Day Bed and breakfast but the rates may fluctuate from one place to another because of the location as some of them are situated in the place from where a beautiful scenic picture can be seen. Florence is the place where each and every single view gives a different feels and the places which one can never afford to miss.

If you want to enjoy the city life then there are many places in the heart of city where you can easily get your Barcelona Day Bed and breakfast but if you want to feel the nature then there are n no of options available away from the city which provides various incredible views. Martin Dago and Florence View provides the best and reasonable Barcelona Day Bed and breakfast services located in the heart of the city whereas Villa Sestini Bagno a Ripoli away from the noise of the city.

Barcelona – the City of Style and Culture

Barcelona exudes style. Whether you’re experiencing the lively atmosphere of the Seven Portes or Gaudi’s awe – inspiring architecture, Barcelona really does have a fascinating culture. Don’t miss the chance to visit this chic city.

It’s easy to immerse yourself in the city’s unique culture, just browse around the Mercat de la Bodequiria; Barcelonas colourful main market, or the bustling and hip suburb Gracia. The must – see of the city is the most famous work of Antonio Gaudi – La Sagrada Familia. The extremely unusual cathedral, which is still being constructed over 100 years after work started and is expected to be completed in 2020. Gaudi’s work, along with the architectural work of Montenar in the city have been designated as a UNESCO world heritage sites.

Being one of Europe’s most stylish cities, it follows that there are a wealth of designer and boutique shops to browse around in Barcelona. You’ll find everything you need in the main shopping area in central Barcelona in the Passeig de Gracia.

With a Mediterranean climate and seven beaches, Barcelona really is the city that has it all, you’ll never be short of something to do and see.

Hotels are usually in high demand year-round in this bustling city, so it’s a good idea to book your hotel in advance. There’s a hotel to suit all preferences and standards in the city are high. Click here for hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona and Learning the Spanish Language

Barcelona is one of those places you arrive to and immediately feel at home. You step off  the plane and the heat hits you instantly – especially if you arrive in summer time. You drive to your apartment in barcelona or your hotel and begin to realise that you might belong in this wonderful city.

Many people who have come to Barcelona for any length of time end up staying for one reason
or another. Some stay because of the diverse culture here, others because of work and many because they just want to try living here a while to see if it works out.

Some, if not a lot of people stay because they want to study the Spanish language. Not only
do they learn Spanish with the aid of the numerous quality learning language schools and centres in Barcelona but they sometimes end up learning Catalan as well.

I’ll always remember the first time I heard the Catalan language. It reminded me of the
French language and of the times I spent in London trying to get to grips with it at school.

It took me quite a few Spanish lessons and quite a lot of practice to actually decipher
between the two languages – Spanish and Catalan. To the untrained ear, one probably wouldn’t 
know if one were being spoken to in Spanish or Catalan – that knowledge will come with time.
Looking back in retrospect though, I don’t know how I could not tell the difference!

Getting back to Barcelona, there is so much to do here – so much in fact that you could never
ever get bored. For the architects and lovers of architecture amongst us, let it be said that
the city is swamped in peculiar buildings from the great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.

Many people will have heard his name as it is generally associated with The Sagrada Familia
or The Sacred Family Church. Catalans generally call this Church a temple and it is indeed a
shrine to the excellence and fine works of this gifted Catalan architect.

Other things to see and are “must sees” in my opinion are the following:

* The gothic quarter or (barrio gótico)
* The Picasso Museum
* The Nou Camp (Barcelona FC stadium)
* Tibidabo – a lovely mountain with a theme park on top and spectacular vistas.
* Parc Güell
* La Pedrera
* Casa Battló
* Las Ramblas
* La Boquería – a fantastic indoor market with the freshest fruit and fish.

These are my “must haves” and “must sees” and are highly recommended to anyone contemplating visiting this wonderful city for the first time.

Reasons to Invest in Barcelona

Barcelona is an open, tolerant and cosmopolitan Mediterranean city full of light; a remarkable urban space with a strong personality. The atmosphere transmitted by the city encourages creation and innovation, turning Barcelona into one of the European cities with the highest potential for developing framework, it is precisely these characteristics which provide value to the city and differentiate it from the rest: it is this personality, both cosmopolitan with the great international vocation, and strongly rooted in its local aspects, which attracts visitors and keep them here.

Barcelona offers very diverse elements which make it a really appealing to live, work and do business. The city is now a very interesting place for new economic activity, as shown by some of the good reasons to invest in it.

Geographic location

Barcelona has always been a city open to the world. Barcelona’s calling has much to do with its highly strategic geographical location. Its port has played a fundamental role as the place of arrival for people from round the world and as a point of exchange of cultures. Barcelona is the “North of the South and the South of the North” and one of the gateways joining Europe, Africa and the Middle East, across the Mediterranean.

Successful foreign investment

It is the fifth best city for business in Europe and accounts for 20% of annual foreign investment in Spain. There are 2700 foreign companies and International Barcelona hotels established here, with a satisfaction level of 97%. Barcelona is also becoming consolidated as a centre for multinational companies’ European division.

Quality of life

The top European city for quality of life. A stable climate, beaches, ski, a generous range of culture and leisure activities, a network of 4500 education institutions, a modern and accessible health service, easy access and travel by public transport. The city is surrounded by nature reserves.

City planning projects

Barcelona is in the middle of the largest city planning transformation in its recent history. The city is planning and infrastructure projects, especially building more hotels in Barcelona recently undertaken and currently in progressive are shaping the 21st century city, where economic growth, the maintenance of competitiveness and job creation will affect citizens’ lives.

A competitive set of available properties

A large number of offices, commercial premises and industrial buildings with excellent value for money. The construction of residential buildings is also on the rise.

The Barcelona property market has risen strongly since 1997 with double-digit price rises in most districts every year with the exception of 1998. A growing Spanish economy, increasing employment, cheaper borrowing (lower interest rates and innovations in the mortgage market), a cultural preference for buying over renting, and the impact of rising foreign demand for property in Barcelona has pushed overall demand up whilst the supply of property has remained fairly constant (constrained by mountains and sea Barcelona cannot expand through sprawl). The increase in tourism to Barcelona has also increased the pressure on the property market as residential property in Barcelona’s most attractive central districts has been converted into hotels. These supply and demand factors explain the tight property market, and robust price increases of recent years.

Find your Ideal Spanish Hotel

Travelling abroad can be a stressful thing, booking flights and hotels and trying to get a plan together of what you can do and see whilst you are there. There are many different types of hotels in Europe and Spain is no different, there are hotels that are ideally placed with fantastic service or there are hotels where you use just as a base to rest your head after a long days sightseeing.

When looking to book cheap hotels in Spain, make sure you know what the average price is in order for you to have a good idea of what is a good price and what isn’t. If you are planning on going to Madrid, think about staying in a hotel outside the city to save yourself a considerable amount of money. Staying in areas such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are going to cost you up to double the price than if you stayed in the Asturias region which is in the north-west of Spain.

Some hotels will have better offers than others so shop around for a good deal. As with flights, consider staying during off-peak times to save yourself more. There are many different hoteliers in Spain so you should be able to find a couple that offer a competitive price. Depending on your requirements will depend on the quality of hotel you choose, if you want a 5 star hotel in Madrid next to the “Palacio Real” then expect to pay around £70 per person per night and although this may seem expensive, the quality of service will be impeccable and you are in the centre of Madrid which means you will not need any taxis (unless you want to venture out of course!). For an alternative on hotels, special holiday cottages are available in Spain, at an average off peak price of £250 for a cottage in Northern Spain, this offers the customer something different and is often more accommodating for children.

More about Mercè

This festival takes places during 19th til 28th September in the centre of this fantastic city at various sites. A festival not only dedicated to the cultural aspect of Barcelona, but the fun aspect, this festival has been running since 1902 and is definitely worth a visit! Don’t miss out on this amazing festival, Barcelona apartments and Barcelona hotels get booked up quickly around this time.

This street party is held in honour of held in honour of Mare de Deu de la Merce, the Patron Saint of Barcelona. Perhaps my favourite part of the festival is the Giants Parade (23rd to 24th). These giants with effigies of kings, queens and nobles march through the streets of Barcelona. These huge figures tower above the crowds and spin around and around so the crowds can see them in all their glory. The Parade is often accompanied by small percussion groups that beat out a rhythm on drums as the Giants go by.

Don’t miss out on the festivities, book your Barcelona accommodation in time and in particular, make sure you visit Montjuïc castle, as lots and lots will be taking place there, see:〈=catala (although the timetable is only in Catalan, you will see the times and places). The circus will be the main attraction at Montjuïc Castle, another new festival site. Magic, gesture theatre, acrobatics and workshops will all feature at the castle, which was recently returned to the city and is now a public amenity. Some of the performances taking place at the castle include titles such as; “Espectacle ‘Les Enfants’, a càrrec de la Cia. Traüt Espectacles” “Electrikmim’, a càrrec de Manolo Carambolas”and “Freaks’, a càrrec de la Cia. Cikaros & TinCanCompany”, so I think it is safe to say there will be a huge variety of performances to see. This year marks the 800th birthday of the Catalan King Jaume I and as a result, another new site for this year will be the Moll de Barcelona wharf as the Jaume I Tower is there.

The poster for this year’s festival is bigger and brighter than ever. Designed by Peret, the 1998 National Design Award winner, the designer has tried to reflect the festive, naughty side of a smile to create the image of La Mercè this year. Singer-songwriter Jaume Sisa will give the opening speech at the festival, which starts on Friday19 September and continues to Wednesday 24 September. He will also be the star of a galactic night in Plaça Catalunya.

Business Apartment Rentals Spain

During the last few years, many small companies have popped up like mushrooms in popular business destinations such as Barcelona & Madrid, all promising to be the best at renting out business apartments. So how do you choose between them? What should you be looking out for? What should you try and avoid? How can you be sure that the business apartment you are renting out isn’t miles outside of town in a place that even the taxi driver hasn’t heard of? How can you be sure that you haven’t just rented out a holiday apartment on the Costa Brava?

What you are looking for which sets the business apartment rental industry apart from holiday rentals is a certain degree of professionalism. You want and need a rental company which does what it says. You need to be able to rely upon check in times & dates, apartment costs, rental availability, extra services and furnishing quality. You don’t want your company staff or guests, staying in a place with rats and cockroaches, any less than you want them staying in a place without the advertised wireless Internet connection, without the promised telephone line and without the washing machine and tumble drier to get those shirts ready for that next-day important meeting.

Look for a company that has a good reputation. Speak to people who have used these companies. Check out their web sites. Do they have a good image? Do they instil confidence? You can’t always judge a book by its cover, they say. But if a company can’t get a simple thing like a web site working properly, can they really provide all that is necessary to rent out professional business apartments?

Take a look at customer testimonials, but most importantly, try actually speaking to someone at the company before you go ahead and book the apartment online. Whilst you may never be able to go to the place in person before the planned business trip, there really is no substitute for speaking to a real human being. So pick up the phone, give them a call and ask them all the questions you have in your mind. Chances are that if they cannot answer all your questions and make you feel happy and confident, then you have chosen the wrong place. Customer service is paramount these days, and a good business apartment rental company will be aware of this. The decision making is then up to you.

Whether you are visiting for business, to work on a project, to attend a congress, to give a course, to take a course, or maybe you start living there and building up the next step in your life, and you require temporary housing, you need to concentrate on a company which focuses on professionals.
With all these issues in mind, there are a few things you should ask for:

Are there basics such as a sofa, bed, TV & bathroom facilities?
How far is the apartment from the centre of town or the place of your business meetings and/or conferences?

Will there be someone who can be contacted at all times during the stay, who speaks your language?
Do they offer a taxi service and/or airport transfer?
Are there extra services such as a cleaning service, catering & baby care facilities?
Is there flexibility regarding your length of stay, in the case that you might need temporary accommodation whilst looking for a permanent place to live?

Is there flexibility in payment methods?
Is there a safe place for your belongings?
Are there any hidden costs such as agency fees?
If you have an emergency, will someone be there to help you out?
Who takes care of the small daily incidents you may encounter, such as a blind that gets stuck, a washing basin that suddenly starts leaking or if you happen to lock yourself out?

At the end of the day, you want to find a business apartment that suits you, one where you will feel at home. Not exactly like your own house, of course, but pretty close – a nicely decorated place, cosy, pleasant, where you can keep your clothes, books, music, sit down in the sofa and watch a good movie or check your emails on your laptop on the terrace, prepare the meeting for the next day while you cook your own meal. You want to be able to invite people over for dinner or to stay for the weekend. You need a place to stay where you can feel relaxed and do as you wish.
Of course, the final decision making is up to you. But you can make this process far easier by simply doing some investigation first.