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The Advantage of the Costa Holidays

There’s no doubt that every holiday’s a good holiday but it’s also true that there are some which are certainly better than others.  Costa holidays are a great example of this.  Not only do they bring back childhood nostalgia of summers spent at the sea but they have enormous physical and mental benefits too.


Especially for those who spend their day to day lives inland, the very sight of the skyline meeting the sea line is enough to reverse the state of stressed out and overworked spirits in an instant.  Having exposure to such a great expanse of water such as that of the sea or the ocean is breathtaking and promotes a relaxed and tranquil state of mind, as do clutter free beaches and seaside strolls.  It is hard to sweat the small stuff (or indeed the big stuff) when looking out to infinity and thus it comes as no surprise that each year millions of holiday makers fill the Barcelona flights, the beaches of Mallorca and the Tenerife hotels, three resorts which boast immensely impressive coast lines with truly stunning views.


The relaxed mind-set achieved through the ambience of the seaside has great physical reflections too.  A tense and agitated mind can cause, amongst many other things, digestive problems, heightened blood pressure, headaches, insomnia and cold-like symptoms (caused by a weakened immune system).  Having these problems only makes the sufferer more stressed and so the vicious cycle, really quite unfortunately, is complete. A holiday at the coast breaks this cycle however and consequently mind-body harmony is restored.


There are plenty of island holidays and costa holidays available; be it through online holiday auctions (subasta viajes) or special offers (ofertas vacaciones), there are a multitude of rooms with a view awaiting you by the sea!

Spain – Traveling to and within the European country

Mainland Spain is situated on the Iberian peninsula in the southwest of Europe. It also encompasses two groups of islands. The Islas Baleares (Balearic Islands), in the Mediterranean, Mallorca the largest island is just over one hundred miles off the eastern coast and the Islas Canarias (Canary Islands) which are situated approximately five hundred miles to the southwest and lie off the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Mellila and Cueta are two Spanish enclaves in Morocco on the African continent.

Whilst Spain is one of the world’s leading destinations for the package holiday there is more to this country than the beaches of the costas and islands. The independent traveler will want to move around see what more Spain has to offer.

Getting there – There are thirty one airports on the mainland serving the following cities and towns: A Coruna, Albacete, Alicante, Almería, Asturias, Badajoz, Barcelona, Bilbao, Burgos, Cordoba, Girona, Granada, Jerez de la Frontera, Leon, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Pamplona, Reus, Sabadell, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Santander, Santiago, Sevilla, Valencia, Valladolid, Vigo and Zaragoza. In the Canaries the islands of El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, Lanzarote and Tenerife and in the Balearics Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca all have airports. Gibraltar, the British colony at the southern most tip of Spain, also has it’s own airport. British Airways and the Monarch fly daily to Gibraltar from several departure points in the United Kingdom and Monarch has some very good deals on seats. Major carriers provide scheduled flights to Spain but it is also a principal destination for budget airlines with return flights available for less than 100 Euros from other European cities. It is also possible to pick up bargain seats on the many charter flights serving the tourist industry. Air travel within Spain, with the exception of a couple of budget airlines, is expensive.

Major roads provide access from Portugal to the west and France which borders Spain to the northeast. Road travel within the country can vary. Many roads are not of a good standard but Spain has received billions of Euros in aid from the European Union and much of this has been spent on the infrastructure and so it is also possible to travel on some of the newest and finest roads on the continent. The country is well served by many bus companies linking the major towns and cities with express services. There are also a wealth of local bus services.

The train service is well developed enabling access to the country from both Portugal and France and fast travel between towns and cities within Spain. Fares are cheap compared to some other major European countries. Madrid and Barcelona are served by extensive Metro (underground railway) networks.

In addition to the many inter island services ferries run from the mainland to both the island groups and the two enclaves in Morocco. The Canary Islands are served by a boat running from Cadiz. The journey is long, some 48 hours and the sea conditions often make for a rough passage. It may be preferable to fly although as we have already pointed out this can be expensive. Ferries from Tariffa and Algeciras, in the Andalucian province of Cadiz, run to Tanger in Morroco. Ferries also link the enclave of Cueta with Tariffa, Algeciras and Malaga. Mellila, the other enclave is served by a boats out of Malaga and Almeria. The Balearic Islands have services to the mainland running to Barcelona, Valencia and Denia.

More information about traveling in Spain can be found in the Spanish Travel Guide
Find Spanish hotels, hostals and pensions, property for rent and sale in our Spanish Directory.

Teletext Holidays are They the Answer to Finding Holidays?

If you are looking for bargain holidays it can save time and effort to visit a single website where you can search for the destination of your choice at a price that is right for you. A price comparison website such as teletext holidays is a good place to source those cheap holidays.

The original concept of teletext holidays emanated from a television information retrieval service in the UK in the 1970′s. The idea of price comparison sites moved onto the internet and has become very popular. Using these sites for finding fun in the sun holidays is now common practice throughout the world.

As a consumer, you will want to get the best deal available when it comes to spending your hard earned cash. By tailoring your holiday to match your requirements you can get exactly what you want at a price that won’t break the bank. Whether you want to book a traditional package deal, a cheap flight, an all-inclusive hotel break or a mix-and-match holiday, using a first rate price comparison site is ideal.

There are numerous cheap holiday deals and bargain flights out there, but when do you have the time to trawl the internet to find them? This is when sites like teletext holidays really come into their own. You can sit in front of your computer, and using a simple search box, type in your search criteria to source the perfect holiday of your choice. It really couldn’t be easier.

Take Spanish Holidays for example. There are many destinations on the mainland to choose from such as the Costa’s, Barcelona and Madrid. But what about the Balearic islands of Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza? Then there are the Canaries of Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria et al. Teletext holidays allows you to compare thousands of great holidays and bargain flights to destinations throughout Spain in the time it takes to make a jug of sangria!

Teletext holidays have a lot more to offer than just holidays in the sun. Investigate a break in the UK or consider a trip to one of hundreds of destinations available on a city break. Cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and of course Paris are fabulous places to visit. If you fancy a bit of luxury, think about taking a cruise to destinations all over the world. Going on a special interest break such as Golf, fishing and diving holidays are great ways to see another part of the world whilst indulging yourself in what you love doing.

Having a decent break from the stresses of everyday life is important so make sure you make the right choices. Making teletext holidays your one-stop-shop for all your holiday requirements would be a great start!

Travel experiences: Spain

When you travel around the world, every now and then you’ll visit places that leave you completely breathless, with no desire whatsoever to ever leave again. Strangely enough, to me this happened to a city just a one hour flight away from home: Barcelona.

Barcelona will always be linked to Gaudi, one of the great masters of architecture. While mostly known for his colorful draco at the entrance of Parc Guell and for his obvious masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, few people realize his immense impact on the whole city. From the tiles on Passeig de Gracia to the lanterns on Placa Real, the Finca Guell and Palau Guell, Casa Mila (better known as la Pedrera) and Casa Batllo, one says you can see some of his work from every single spot in Barcelona.

But there is more, so much more. Whether it is the nightlife you’re after, the shopping, the beach, the architecture, museums or a simple stroll, Catalunia’s capital has got it all. To top it all off, there is the sangria and an immense variety of tapas in the small cafes and bistros all over town.

It is impossible to list all the things there are to see and do in Barcelona, and that’s not what this site is for. Instead, I’ll give my personal highlights of the city, and hopefully that’ll be helpful for anybody who plans on going there.


As mentioned earlier, it is virtually impossible to overlook Gaudi’s influence on the city. A trip to Barcelona would not be complete without visiting at least the Parc Guell with the draco and the famous curbed mosaic benches, and his undisputed (yet still unfinished) masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. His tragic death (the people of Barcelona left him on the streets after he was hit by a tram, not knowing it was Gaudi. He later refused to be transferred to a better hospital as he felt his place was amongst the poor) quite possibly made him even more legendary.


The highest point of Barcelona with amazing views over the cities. You can hike up the hill or take the pleasant little train-ride. On top, you’ll find the unique church and a rather outdated amusement park.


This hill on the other side of Barcelona is famous for its telecommunications tower, built especially for the Olympics in 1992. It also houses the majestic Olympic stadium, where now Espanyol Barcelona plays its home games.

Camp Nou.

Stadium of FC Barcelona, still one of the world’s most renowned football teams (that would be soccer for the American readers).

Las Ramblas.

Collection of 5 separate streets (6 if you count the Rambla del Mar) that are more commonly known as Las Ramblas. They stretch from the Plaza Catalunya all the way to the statue of Columbus. On the broad pedestrian part in the middle, you’ll find flower stalls, bars, and some of the most talented street artists in the world.

This list is by no means complete, but should give you some idea of what this amazing city has to offer.

Hotel Company Expands To Spain

Economy hotel group Travelodge has expanded to Spain with one location set in beautiful Madrid and another in Barcelona.

The UK budget hotel chain recently announced a one billion euro expansion plan for Spain and plans to open 100 more affordable hotels and create two thousand jobs in Spain by the year 2020.

This follows successful trials at Travelodge Madrid Las Rozas in Madrid and Travelodge Barcelona Hospitalet in Barcelona. Travelodge in Spain is ripe for growth and hotels in Valencia, Malaga, Zaragoza and Bilbao are set to join the two pilot sites in Madrid and Barcelona.

Ultimately there could be a series of hotels in Barcelona close to Barcelona El Prat Airport.

The budget hotel chain desires leadership in the emerging Spanish affordable hotel market. Travelodge hopes to double in size by 2011, taking advantage of growth in the sector.

Chief executive Grant Hearn said he believes there is a very strong growth pattern outlook for the next 10-15 years. The pilot program demonstrated that the Travelodge model works in Spain and the time is right to capitalize on this demand. The company learned some sixty percent of the UK’s 1.5 million online customers are planning holidays to Spain in the next three years.

‘Spain is the logical place for us to start our overseas expansion,’ says Hearn. ‘We are very excited about our plans for Spain, an important longer-term growth strategy.’

‘The Spanish people take 143 million trips a year and there were only 100 budget hotels in Spain,, says Mr. Hearn. According to Travelodge, the budget sector is the fastest growing part of the hotel business.

Travelodge said it was first drawn to Spain by the favourable conditions. It will target businesses first, followed by British tourists whom regularly visit Spain.

Only a quick flight away from the UK, Spain has consistently been a favoruite destination for British tourists since the 1950′s. Less than two hours by air, Spain offers holiday facilities that aren’t readily available in the UK. Diverse cultures and customs have more to offer than miles of beautiful white sandy beaches and clear waters with year-round spring temperatures.

Spain is also rich in monumental heritage, great food and entertainment – all of which bring many British tourists to Spain year after year.

British tourists who want to enjoy more than the beautiful beaches of Spain take in day trips to nearby areas that include some of the world’s best golf courses, many close to Marbella on the Costa del Sol and others on Spanish islands such as Lanzarote.

Convenient locations of Travelodge in Spain, enhanced with comforts of home and modern amenities, complete the Spanish holiday experience to offer exciting possibilities to British tourists.

Low cost flights have made trips to Spain a real possibility for British tourists as well. This has been instrumental to the growing number of British citizens taking holidays in Spain. Since the 1960′s air travel prices have steadily dropped and became available to a wider customer range. This makes Spain a very desirable vacation spot for many British tourists.

The budget hotel chain Travelodge was recently bought by Dubai International Capital in a 675m deal.

Flights to Cork, Ireland

Cork International Airport is the gateway to the beautiful Southwest of Ireland. Last year over 3.2 million visitors passed through its terminals – it has certainly come a long way since its first landing back in 1961. Cork Airport is now the 3rd largest airport in the Republic of Ireland. Located just 8 kilometres south from Cork City centre and ideally positioned on the N22, N20, N8 and N25, there’s easy access from all areas.

SkyLink and Bus Éireann operate a regular service between the airport and the city centre. The journey takes approximately 25 minutes. Bus Éireann also run a service to Kinsale, taking in Cork Airport. You’ll find a taxi rank outside the arrivals hall. You can also hire a car at one of the car rental desks. Our advice though is to book your car hire before you travel to Cork to avoid disappointment.

Just two years ago on the 15th August 2006, Cork Airport officially opened a new state of the art terminal. Designed by Jacobs Engineering Group and HOK, this new terminal is the first 21st century airport terminal of it?s kind in Ireland.

Located right in the centre of Cork Airport Complex you’ll find the Radisson SAS Hotel. This is a popular hotel ideal for those wishing to catch an early morning flight or who have a late arrival time. Offering first class facilities all rooms are en-suite and include satellite television, direct dial telephone, trouser press, hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities, mini bar on request and all rooms are air conditioned. There’s also a 24 hour shuttle bus service to and from Cork Airport available. Two other excellent choices are the 3 star Travelodge Cork Airport and the 4 star Cork International Airport Hotel.

Which airlines fly to/from Cork?

A very large number of Irish, British and European destinations are serviced by Cork Airport, the complete list of scheduled flight destinations is as follows:

Alicante – Aer Lingus
Amsterdam – Aer Lingus
Barcelona – Aer Lingus
Belfast – Aer Arann
Berlin – Aer Lingus
Birmingham – Aer Lingus & bmi baby
Bratislava (Vienna) – SkyEurope
Brest – Aer Arann
Bristol – Aer Arann
Carcassonne – Ryanair
Cardiff – Aer Arann
Dublin – Aer Arann & Ryanair
East Midlands – Ryanair (until October 2008)
Edinburgh – Aer Arran
Faro – Aer Lingus
Galway – Aer Arann
Gdansk – Wizz Air
Geneva – Aer Lingus
Glasgow – Ryanair (until October 2008)
Jersey – Aer Lingus
Katowice – Wizz Air
Lanzarote – Aer Lingus
La Rochelle – Aer Arann
Leeds Bradford – Aer Arann
Liverpool – Ryanair
London Gatwick – Ryanair
London Heathrow – Aer Lingus
London Stansted – Ryanair
Lorient – Aer Arann
Malaga – Aer Lingus
Manchester – bmi baby & Aer Lingus
Munich – Aer Lingus
Nantes – Aer Arann
Newcastle – Jet2.com
Newquay – Air Southwest
Nice – Aer Lingus
Paris – Aer Lingus
Plymouth – Air Southwest
Prague – Aer Lingus
Rome – Aer Lingus
Southampton – Aer Arann
Tenerife – Aer Lingus
Warsaw – Wizz Air

For holiday destinations operating from Cork here is a listing of Charter Flights to/from Cork Airport:

Almeria – Falcon
Bodrum – Sunworld
Bulgaria – Sunway, Budget Travel, Falcon, Concorde.
Dubrovnik – Condorde, Sunworld.
Faro – Budget Travel, Sunworld, Topflight, Stein Travel, Panorama, Falcon.
Gran Canaria – Budget Travel, Sunway, Stein Travel.
Heraklion – Budget Travel.
Izmir – Budget Travel, Sunway, Sunworld.
Lanzarote – Budget Travel, Sunway, Sunworld, Stein Travel, Falcon, Topflight, Panorama Travel.
Majorca – Sunway, Stein Travel, Budget Travel, Falcon, Sunworld, Panorama.
Malaga – Stein Travel, Budget Travel, Falcon.
Reus – Budget Travel, Falcon.
Santorini – XL Airways.
Tunisia – Panorama.
Verona – Topflight.

Mairead Foley writes for the Ireland travel and accommodation website http://www.GoIreland.com

Visit GoIreland for all you need to know before visiting Cork, like what to see and where to go. You can also book B&Bs, hostels, guesthouses, self catering and Cork hotels.

Why Buy a Fractional in London?

The World’s most expensive cities are those where rich international buyers congregate, and no other city is as international as London. With its time-zone and language convenient for businessmen from the US to the Middle East to Asia – all conspire to make London the leading financial centre. Coupled with its unrivalled rich heritage, culture, arts and entertainment facilities, London is continually accoladed as the greatest city in the World.

There are many benefits of fractional ownership but why should you consider a fractional in London? We have compiled a list of just some of them:

12 MONTH SEASON: Traditionally fractional ownership has been popular at Beach and Ski resorts, however, due to the shortness of the season, these units may only be used for a limited period of the year, meaning the owners do not get use out of it in key times. London provides 52 weeks of entertainment with events, exhibitions, festivals and shows throughout the year. A city where 8 million people live doesn’t really have a low season! Although many holiday makers visit London in the summer there is a whole wealth of things to do and see in the other 3 quarters of the year too! This means that whether you are in London for Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, you will be always be visiting London at a time when the Capital is bustling.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! London’s residential housing market is diverse indeed. Where your property is situated will have a dramatic effect on your experience here in the Capital. Fractional ownership enables buyers to part own a residence in a far more affluent and desirable location than they would perhaps be able to if they were buying a unit outright. London Fractions only promotes fractionals in the very best areas of London including Knightsbridge, Tower Bridge, Westminster, Belgravia and Chelsea.

SAFER INVESTMENT: Due to the fact that London Fractions properties are in the best and most sought after locations means that your property has the greatest chance of consistent price growth going forward. Demand for luxury properties in key London neighbourhoods will continue and these properties are far more resilient in periods of global economic downturns.

YOUR EUROPEAN HEADQUATERS! London is ideally situated to access the rest of Europe. With 5 International airports within 45 minutes of Central London, the UK is an ideal base for anyone wanting the ability to see Europe. With the numerous low-cost flight carriers, you can (usually) fly to Barcelona for lunch for example and the flight may very well cost you less than the food!

CONCIERGE SERVICE: With priority booking for London’s top shows, events and restaurants plus affiliations to a range of private membership clubs, you can live here and enjoy all the benefits and inside knowledge of a full time London resident.

YOU CAN’T LIVE IN A HOTEL! With a fractional apartment in London – you can feel as if you have a home away from home. With beautiful kitchens, outdoor areas, lounges, multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, your environment can be enjoyed to the full. A fractional apartment also gives you the ability to entertain other people rather than having to go out every night!

FUTURES BRIGHT FOR LONDON: With the hosting of the 2012 Olympics and some £10bn of investment into facilities and infrastructure, the future of London looks as strong as ever. Approximately 65% of London’s luxury properties (£4m+) were purchased by foreign investors in 2007 and International demand is set to continue as London continues to be the economic and social Capital of the World.

TIME & EXPENSE OF WHOLE OWNERSHIP: Quite simply if London is not your primary residence and you only spend a limited time here, why pay for outright ownership? With London Fractions the entry price to the luxury housing market is slashed and the maintenance and taxes associated with the property are shared between owners. You also do not need concern yourself with the property when you are not using it as it is looked after by London Fractions’ Management.

Barcelona Lead The Way In Champions League Betting

Barcelona are 4/1 favourites to win the Champions League after the final round of fixtures in the group stage was completed, while Rangers became the first Scottish side to make it out of the group stage. However, the biggest talking point was 1999 winners Manchester United’s shock exit from the tournament following a miserable 2-1 defeat against Benfica.

Group A
Juventus 15, Bayern Munich 13, Club Brugge 7, Rapid Vienna 0

Both Juventus and Bayern Munich had already qualified for the knockout stage, although the final round of matches decided who finished top of the group. Juventus, the 13/2 third favourites recorded a comfortable 3-1 win over rock bottom Rapid Vienna while Bayern Munich could only muster a 1-1 draw at Club Brugge despite taking a first half lead through Claudio Pizarro.

Bayern, now available at 12/1, face a tough draw in the next round.

Group B
Arsenal 16, Ajax 11, FC Thun 4, Sparta Prague 2

Arsenal are flying in Europe this season and had already secured top spot before a ball had been kicked against Ajax. An experimental Gunners side drew 0-0 with their Dutch opponents, even allowing for Thierry Henry to miss a penalty. Arsene Wenger’s side are available at 14/1 while Ajax are a more speculative investment at 66.1.

Group C
Barcelona 16, Werder Bremen 7, Udinese 7, Panathinaikos 4

Udinese suffered Champions League heartbreak when they eventually finished third in the group. They needed a draw to finish second and were four minutes away from holding visitors Barcelona to a goalless draw but late strikes from Santiago Ezquerro and Andres Iniesta handed the Spaniards victory.

Runners up spot went to Werder Bremen who hammered Panathinaikos 5-1 to leave their Greek opponents propping up the rest of the group.

Group D
Villareal 10, Benfica 8, Lille 6, Manchester United 6

Unthinkable when the groups were initially drawn, but Manchester United are out of Europe entirely after finishing bottom of Group D. The Reds were odds on to win in Portugal and even took a five minute lead through Paul Scholes. Two goals before half-time tipped the balance in favour of Benfica and United couldn’t produce the equaliser necessary to replace them as group runners up.

In what was the most opening group of the tournament, Villarreal secure top spot with a 1-0 victory over Lille. Long shot fanciers can now back Villarreal at 28/1 and Benfica at 66/1.

Group E
AC Milan 11, PSV Eindoven 10, Schalke 04 8, Fenerbahce 4

A 3-2 victory over Schalke 04 ensured AC Milan finished the group in first place and condemned the Germans to UEFA Cup football, while PSV Eindoven put in a professional performance to beat already-eliminated Fenerbahce to secure a place in the next round.

AC Milan, the winners of the tournament in 2003, are fourth favourites at 10/1 while PSV Eindoven are available at a more generous 50/1.

Group F
Lyon 16, Real Madrid 10, Rosenborg 4, Olympiacos 4

Lyon remained unbeaten and topped the group in style following a 2-1 victory over third placed Rosenborg and have dark-horse credentials at 11/1. The glamorous, but often underachieving Real Madrid now face a stern test against one of the group winners after finishing in the runners up position.

The Spanish giants lost their first game following the sacking of coach Wanderley Luxemburgo, falling 2-1 to Olympiakos, but will still have their supporters at odds of 16/1.

Group G
Liverpool 12, Chelsea 11, Real Betis 7, Anderlecht 3

Liverpool’s goalless draw with Chelsea was enough to secure top spot in the group, after beginning their European campaign way back in July against Welsh minnows Total Network Solutions. Despite being the reigning European champions and also having a favourable draw in the next round, the Reds are only 10th favourite out of the remaining 16 teams and can be backed at 16/1.

Chelsea remain second favourites at 11/2 but their runners-up position could see them drawn against Barcelona at this stage of the competition for a second year in a row.

Group H
Inter Milan 13, Rangers 7, Artmedia Bratislava 6, FC Porto 5

Rangers may be struggling domestically, but their battling 1-1 draw against group winners Inter Milan ensured they became the first Scottish club to progress beyond the group stages in Champions League history. However, this feat is reflected in the odds, with the Gers available at a whopping 150/1 to win the tournament outright, with Inter Milan seventh favourites at 14/1.

Artmedia Bratislava’s adventure in Europe continues with a place in the UEFA Cup after finishing in third place ahead of 2004′s winners FC Porto.

Preparation when taking a trip or vacation

When preparing to take a trip or vacation, there are a lot of things that need to be checked before departing on such an adventure. The easiest way to make sure that everything is in order is to make a checklist. Let’s pretend, for example, that you are planning a trip to Barcelona, Spain. The first thing you would need to do to prepare for your trip to Barcelona would be research the city fully and take notes. For example, if you are interested in art museums, you might search the internet for art museums in Barcelona, Spain. You would want to take notes of the locations of the museums and also how much Barcelona tickets for art museums would cost in American dollars. The second consideration would be making travel arrangements. Checking flight information is a must. Rechecking flight information is also a must. You should check, and recheck that your Barcelona tickets for air travel are in order, and that no changes in itinerary need to be made. Even as late as the day you are planning to travel, you will want to check with the airline for last minute changes to your planes scheduled departure. Is the plane running late? Has there been a delay? Is your flight canceled due to weather considerations?

All of these things are common occurrences and should be fully checked out before even leaving for the airport. Also, you are going to want to check the applicable laws for importing and exporting goods to the country you are traveling to. Some countries do not allow certain items to come through customs into the country, and also do not allow certain items to exit the country. Never assume that something you are taking with you or planning to bring back is “no big deal,” as you may find your objects being seized when passing through customs. Some of these items might include: foods- such as produce, certain types of medications, and anything that is considered native to the country you have visited. There are many reasons for these restrictions and such restrictions are usually very strictly enforced. Finally, you will want to ensure that you have packed all of your necessities for your trip. An important thing to remember is to double check that you have an adequate supply of any prescription drugs, as it may be difficult if not impossible to get a prescription filled while you are on your trip. You will want to ensure that you have packed things to do on the trip, a change of clothing, and hygienically supplies along with your medications in a carry-on bag so as to avoid complications from improperly routed baggage during flight changes. It is important that you also remember all of your identifying factors, such as: driver’s license or ID card, passport, and shot records if traveling to certain locations. And, of course, traveling with cash is not always the best plan. Carry minimal cash and instead opt for traveler’s checks, this will also eliminate the need to exchange currency while traveling. Last but not least, have fun on your trip! After making your checklist, researching your destination’s venues, making travel arrangements, double checking any applicable laws, and making sure that you have packed accordingly – you will be able to leave for your vacation knowing that you have covered all of your bases; this will make your vacation much more enjoyable.

Fly on budget

Looking at the oil prices lately you may decide to skip this year’s vacation because the flight tickets will cost you a fortune. But what about flying for free from London to Barcelona or for just 130$ from US to Germany? This will be perfect deal if you know how to find it.

It took almost a decade after the European Open-Sky Treaty of 1992 enabled airlines to fly anywhere they wished in the EU without government approval to see the business booming. But this phenomenon is observed not only in Europe – low-cost airlines are available all over the world and you can find a comprehensive list and traveler’s tools on TravelWeaver.net.

The low-cost airlines are also known as budget, low-price, discount or no-frills airlines. In order to keep the prices low they provide ticket-less travel, online ticket sales and have no offices internationally; most of them don’t provide free food or beverages as well as in-flight magazines; also they don’t participate in frequent flyer programs and don’t have club lounges. One of the main characteristics of the low-cost airlines is that they have limited coverage and use secondary airports, which are less convenient for commuting.

Although the price looks really attractive there are also some catches and you need to be careful with the low-cost airlines. For example there is no possibility to reschedule the ticket and you will lose all the money if you try to cancel it; the baggage limit can also be lower than on the traditional carriers. In all the cases you need to calculate the price for transportation to the secondary airport and plan for the additional time you will need to get there.

One of the oversea carriers that offer cheap flights is Condor. They offer discount flights from Frankfurt to many destinations around the world. You can fly with them to Las Vegas, Orlando or LA for around 130$ (99 €). There is one more ThomasCook company that offers cheap flights oversee while most of the low-cost airlines like Rynair and Air Berlin offer only intra-continental flights.

The key for cheap travel is to plan you trip early and monitor the prices for some time before you buy. If you go to Rynair’s web site for example you can even find tickets for free depending on when you want to fly. If you have planned your vacation early you may find really good deals with traditional carriers too. Look for flights at least couple of months before your schedule your vacation. Also subscribe for the airlines or travel sites newsletters because then you will receive timely information for deals and offers.

Also keep in mind that the travel search engines do not comprehensively search the Web and retrieve the lowest prices. Some airlines do not permit third parties to book their seats and others are launching a lobbying effort intent on overturning the regulations to advertise the actual price they would charge the customer.

Buying the trip from two different carriers may make sense sometimes if the overall price is lower that the combined price for both of them. Very often for example you can fly very cheap in one direction and need to pay expensive ticket on the way back. Look for prices from other carrier in this case and just combine the whole trip. I personally combined trips from Condor and Continental to fly from Frankfurt/Main to Seattle and the overall fair was less than 300 $ while the traditional carriers like BA, Air France or KLM would have charged me 4 times more.

Also one good source for checking air prices is Farecast which compares the airline tickets and makes projections of the prices. They base their algorithm on a comprehensive analysis of prices from the past. They are pretty new start-up and their coverage is not very comprehensive at the moment but you may consider using them in the future.

Don’t take the conservative approach and rely only on one source of information, Internet allows you to do the research you need to find the best offer and take the most of your vacation.