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How to incorporate exercise on your next vacation

Vacation does not need to be a time of guilty pleasures. The key to truly enjoying your next vacation lies in activity. Follow these simple rules and you won’t come home hiding your summer tan:

1) Walk

Walking is by far the no-brainer. Whether you’re relaxing in Hawaii, or sightseeing in Paris, you can and must walk. As any New Yorker will tell you, city living demands some leg work. Paris, Rome, Bavaria, Barcelona, they’ve all seen the soles of my shoes. The advantage on vacation? You don’t know the city. You might walk up and down those metro stairs five times before you’ve figured out which train to catch. If a tropical island is more your vacation cup-of-tea, look around you! No excuses. A beautiful blue beach is calling you to disappear into the sunset. Stairs or sand, your butt will love you.

2) Dive In

Taken literally or figuratively, this second rule is the most rewarding for the active vacationer. There is the obvious physical benefits of spending the day in the pool, or taking a surfing class on Hamoa beach, yet these are mere avenues to an exciting world of holiday exercise. The truly active vacationer never lets the moment pass. Never say, tomorrow’, or I’m too tired.’ Immerse yourself in this new culture. Take the detours. Live like the locals. Venture through exotic market places, climb all the Spanish steps don’t snap a shot from the caf, join in the tomato fight in Bunol don’t watch it from the hotel couch.

3) Have Fun

Who ever said the volleyball nets, or the bicycles, are for kids? Vacation is about letting go, relaxing. Having fun is a far greater stress reliever than lying by the pool as you flit away thoughts of: “will that kid stop screaming,” “sunglasses tan – no!”, or “boy I hope that man with the free martini’s doesn’t come my way”. Sweat the stress away. Simply ask yourself, “would I find this fun as a kid?” If not, you’re probably not getting the exercise you need. Next time your boyfriend says let’s go for a swim, race him there!

4) Sweat the Little Things

As much as you really like the thought of not having to make your own bed, the truth is; you’re storing energy you not need. Don’t give the maid your chance to burn some extra calories. She’s not the one eating chocolate souffl for dessert! If this is a luxury you can not bear to relinquish, then compromise. Enjoy your first two days of breakfast in bed; spend the rest taking the walk over to the buffet, or out to the local market. Don’t mistake relaxing for laziness.