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Facts, tips and advice on Barcelona – Part 1

The people; known for being hard working and polite but a fierce rivalry exists between Barcelona and Madrid.

The Language; For over 1000 years, Catalan, a combination of Spanish, Latin and medievil French, has been spoken in Catalunya.

The Religion; Roman catholicism is the most dominant faith in Spain.

The Food; influnced from all over the world, particuarly mediterainian and french cuisine.

Etiquette; Topless sunbathing is accepted on the beaches but more modesty is appropriate inland.

What to pack; If you plan to take advantage of Barcelona’s nightlife, high fashion is essential! Otherwise dressing casual is fine in the day with smart wear for the evenings.

Emergency numbers;

Polocia Nacional (national police) – 091

Policia Municipail – 092

Emergency medical service – 061