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In Search of Hotels in Barcelona

About 2020 years ago, La Gran Encisera (the Great Enchantress) was named Cestrum after being captured by Romans. Today, Barcelona, as it is best known all over the globe, has transformed from the city conquered by other civilizations into a city of real historical value, avant-garde architecture, beautiful surroundings, amazing night life and subtle Latino Mediterranean feel.

Capital city of Catalonia, Spain, Barcelona is one of the most incredible and visited European cities in the world. With a population spanning over 4 million people (in the entire metropolitan area), Barcelona is without a doubt the city of countless marvels. Visiting such a desired and populated city, though, can be quite difficult, especially if there are lots of things to do and see and the time and budget are limited. But limited doesn’t mean impossible.

Taking into consideration all sorts of marketing strategies and trying their best to emphasize all possible competitive advantages, most Barcelona hotels compete in attractive offers regarding services, quality, price and location. And speaking of location, a huge problem concerning hotels in Barcelona, is how to do more things in a short time, moving as fast as possible. But if you think centered located Barcelona hotels might deserve some priority on your list, you should think again on this matter, because even if they are far placed, some hotels provide great transportation and guidance, besides welcoming its tourists with warmth and great services.

The best hotels in Barcelona can provide you with so much, just like the example given above. And if you think that in this European city “best” equals “high prices”, you should check that list again. Besides, being more affordable than other cities, Barcelona is also favored by frugal travelers that normally don’t spend more than 20 euros per day. For such economic tourists there are lots of hotels in Barcelona, like Hotel Jazz, that not only has low costs, but also provides quality and decent services. Also, with so many historic hotels in Barcelona, choosing a proper one to best suite one’s needs and financial possibilities and, also, one’s classic taste in medieval local history is another difficult thing to do. However, when staying at a Condes De Barcelona Hotel, you can’t get disappointed in any of such matters. Actually, almost anything convenient can be obtained out of hotels in Barcelona. For example, if you find yourself in a not so busy period looking for a room in a not so full Barcelona hotel, there are high chances to get one after bargaining for a better rate. Basically, there are no hotels in Barcelona that can not satisfy even the pickiest traveler.

Even though defying “best” is hard and subjective, saying “best” in matters of Barcelona hotels equals, at a given point, with a high star hotel. The four or five star Barcelona hotels, of course, even if they have steamy prices, they always make their clients happy with top class services like pool, fitness, tennis, sauna or impeccable room service. Some of the best hotels in Barcelona are: the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel, located in the heart of Port Vell; Claris Hotel, which used to be a nineteenth-century neoclassical palace; Le Meridien Barcelona Hotel, located in the center of the city, close to the Liceo Opera House, the Museo Picasso and the Gothic Quarter; the Intercontinental Princess Sofia Hotel, which is close to the city’s exclusive shopping district; The Colon Hotel, overlooking the Cathedral of Barcelona; the Expo Barcelona Hotel, which is in the heart of the business district.

Another thing to be taken into consideration is deciding on one or two hotels, located in different areas, the purpose being that if you stay in the city for more than 4 days, you can check out other Barcelona hotels and, also, get to visit more places in a record time.

Barcelona hotels can make a big difference while visiting or just going away on business in the Spanish metropolis. But as big as the difference can get, the difficult it is to actually choose a hotel, especially if never having visited Barcelona before. So, at a given point, the matter of choice in Barcelona hotels can be tricky if you haven’t thought of some priorities before leaving home. Actually, hotels in Barcelona are tricky even if you did think of something. Looking for the best offer you encounter so many possibilities that you find it harder to make up your mind. Sure, not all Barcelona hotels are accessible, nor are they all as you wish them to be, but the Barcelona hotels market is so vast, that everything will seem attractive enough to be taken into consideration.

The purpose of this article was to point out some Barcelona hotels worthy to be looked over while you, the traveler, find it difficult to decide on what is best. Freedom of choice does pose some difficulties when so many options shift before your eyes. The hotels in Barcelona make no exception and offer an interesting experience just by taking a look at the various offers, not to mention by spending a few days in some of them.

Barcelona Card and Public Transport in Barcelona


In Barcelona there are bus, metro, RENFE (Spanish trains), FGC (Catalan trains), tram and taxi available for the public. The company Metropolitan Transport Body (EMT) is responsible for the public transport in and around Barcelona (18 other cities). Most transport types require the same type of ticket, so you can use the Metro Card also for bus and train (if you remain in zone 1). Alternatively, you can also obtain the Barcelona Card which is recommendable for Barcelona visitors. Most of the transport stops nearby all types of Barcelona accommodation.

With this card you can get several discounts or free admission to many museums, cultural institutions, bars, restaurants and other leisure activities. Especially in case of the transport you have an advantage because you can use the Metro, buses etc as much as you want. In this Barcelona Card there is also a city guide included with city map and metro plan, and also a list of all sights in Barcelona, Barcelona hotels(hoteles Barcelona) and Barcelona apartments (apartamentos en Barcelona).

The prices are as followed:
• for 2 days – 24 €
• for 3 days – 29 €
• for 4 days – 33 €
• for 5 days – 36 €
You can buy this Barcelona card directly in the tourist information offices:
For example at Placa de Catalunya, Placa de Sant Jaume or directly at the airport terminal A and B. For more information please have a look on Turisme de Barcelona.

Barcelona is so huge but also really compact so that it is possible to see a lot just in a short period of time. Of course, also the price factor plays a role. As you might know, getting a cheap flight today is no longer a problem. But don’t worry about Barcelona accommodation (alojamiento Barcelona) because there is lots available, especially when you’re in a group.

Here is an short overview of the transport system in Barcelona:
Metro – The Metropolitan Transportation Barcelona (TMB) is responsible for the metro, buses, Montjuic Funicular, the blue tram and the tourist bus in Barcelona. There are different tickets depending on the duration and the number of persons. For those who want to stay for a longer period in the city, I could recommend to buy the T-10 (10 rides) or even the T-50/30 (50 trips in 30 days).

Tram – The TRAMBAIX runs between the beginning of the Avenida Diagonal (Baix Llobregat) and the District of the Olympic village. In between there are interchanges on the Metro and RENFE.
The ticket system is the same as the Metro, i. e. that you can change the transport type without worries.

FGC – The Catalan FGC trains connects Barcelona with other nearby cities such as Terrassa, Sabadell, Manresa … If you want to visit the Tibidabo it´ s really comfortable to use the FGC, it´ s quick, safe and uncomplicated.

RENFE – The Spanish national railway RENFE runs between Barcelona and the outlying districts, surroundings ( "Rodalies"), the rest of Catalonia ( "Regional"), Spain and the rest outside ( "Grans Línies" and "HST").

Taxis – The taxis here are black and yellow and you just have to upper your arm on the roadside to catch one. The symbols "Lliure" or "Libre" means the taxi is free.

What to See and do in Barcelona

Why stay anywhere else in Spain when you can enjoy an affordable vacation in Barcelona. For premier travel, accommodation for tourists and corporate business people, Barcelona offers you an improvement to the lodging standards that can not found in most parts of Spain.

Barcelona hotels are as good and often at the price of a backpacker’s hostel or a motel, the holiday accommodation spaces are located in and around the nicest and most central areas of Barcelona – be it the “Old Towns” or historic areas with good access to restaurants, bars and nightlife,culture and architecture and yes, the museums.

Things to do while in Barcelona

Everything depends on your interests and type of holiday, but there is something in Barcelona to suit all types and this page will give you a taste of the things to come.

Visit the Picasso Museum

Pablo Picasso is undoubtedly one of the most famous influences on 20th century art, the Spanish painter and sculptor was one of the pioneers of the cubism movement. The museum in Barcelona is dedicated to his work and a must see for anyone who is a keen admirer.

Half Day Excursion to Montserrat

if you want to get out of the city for half a day, some companies offer scheduled excursion from Barcelona to Montserrat where you can discover its Royal Basilica.

After driving through picturesque little villages you will arrive at the incomparable setting of the mountain of Montserrat, which rises majestically to 4,051 feet (1,235 meters)

Culture and Architecture

Barcelona is a city steeped in culture and history, so if it’s some sight-seeing you’re after then you’ve come to the right place. Barcelona is most famous for the fantastic architecture of Antonio Gaudi, whose building are scattered all around the centre of the city. The most famous and impressive can be seen along Passeig De Gracia where you will find La Pedrera and Casa Batlló . Or head to the Parc Guell which is a gorgeous parc designed by the man himself. However the most impressive of Gaudi´s works is arguably the Sagrada Familia, the huge, still unfinished temple you can’t fail to be humbled by such an imposing and ambitious project, the detail on the exterior walls is just staggering, but beware, if you are scared of heights don’t be tempted to climb to the top of the turrets.

Other than Gaudi, Barcelona does offer a lot in terms of architectural brilliance. The Gothic Cathedral in the heart of the Gothic quarter is a must-see. Just wandering around Barcelona you will come across a feast of beautiful buildings, and also get off Las Ramblas, there is so much more to see just 2 minutes either side of this famous street.

With over 300 Barcelona Apartments and 350 Barcelona Hotels, we are sure to have the ideal solution for anyone planning a trip to the Catalan capital. And with our Lowest Price Guarantee on all our Barcelona accommodation, you can rest easy that you are getting the best value for money! Whether travelling for business or on holiday, a secure booking in one of our hotels or apartments in Barcelona is only minutes away!

Looking for Barcelona accommodation? Look no further!

Barcelona Apartment Rentals

Barcelona is a fascinating city, with a buzzing rhythm reigning in this cosmopolitan heart of the Mediterranean. There are always lots of things to explore and to visit: the Roman origins, the great medieval old city, fishing quarters, the newer modernist district, the impressive urban architecture that arrived with the Olympic Games, the design shops, the parks, the beaches, the markets. And if you suffer of a culture overdose, just enjoy Barcelona’s rich gastronomy, one of its many terraces or look for a live concert in one of its many bars, theatre halls or churches. The last thing you should have to worry about is your accommodation.

These days it has become popular to rent an apartment in Barcelona. Apart from being cheaper than hotels, you will have much more space, more privacy, more flexibility, and will definitely enjoy a more personalised atmosphere and a feeling of being at home.

The problem is there are hundreds of companies renting out apartments in Barcelona right now and naturally, some are better than others.
It can be a nightmare finding a good place to stay. Imagine this – all your friends think you’re amazing because you have booked an amazing apartment on “La Rambla” for a bargain price, right in the middle of summer. However, once you arrive, you soon realise that this is not the famous “Las Ramblas” in the Barcelona city centre, but “La Rambla” in Sabadell – a town about 25km outside the Catalonian capital. You’re not quite as popular with your friends right now and you wish you’d spent a little more time investigating the whole apartment rental world.

So how can you avoid situations such as these? Well basically, you need to find a trustworthy rental company, one that offers quality. One where you won’t find any dodgy apartments located on a fifth floor without elevator – and there are many apartments like that in Barcelona. One that doesn’t offer their guests mattresses on the floor, worn-out beds and a bathroom that is oh-so-authentic but hasn’t been renovated since Gaudi was still alive.

Look for a company that is fully licensed, with apartments that meet the official requirements of the Generalitat (the local Catalan government). If a company meets certain standards, there’s more chance that the apartments they offer will be of a higher quality.

There are plenty of things to look for when choosing a good Barcelona apartment rental company. Below is a short list of things to check for and ask about before making a decision:

Is the apartment fully furnished?
Is there a TV, DVD player & Internet?
Does the apartment have a washing machine, iron and ironing board?

Will you have to take your own sheets and towels?
How far from the city centre is the apartment? (Ask for the address so you can check it out on Google Maps).

Are there any hidden costs such as utility bills, telephone and agency fees and tax?
Is there always someone you can contact in case of emergency?

All these questions need to be answered, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours. Make sure you have done your research and are not disappointed. If in doubt, call the company before booking. If you choose well, your friends will remain good friends for years to come along with the happy memories of a wonderful holiday. And who knows, they may even take you out for dinner to say thank you in one of Barcelona’s many gastronomic wonderlands!

I Love Barcelona… How to Enjoy a Wonderful Holiday in Barcelona!

 If you are planning a weekend escape to the city of artists, continue reading… I can give you some advice and tricks that will make planning your holiday in Barcelona, or any other city of the world, much easier.

So what does Barcelona have to offer? I’ll tell you – a lot! In the centre of Barcelona is the Plaza Catalonia. From here it is possible to walk to the Roman ruins, the medieval city and the modernist city (called Eixample in Catalan, Ensanche in Spanish), known for its square buildings with bevelled corners as well as modernist buildings. The old zone is level, while the new districts are in the high part of the city, which is slightly reminiscent of San Francisco.

Barcelona is one of the favourite tourist destinations in Europe, especially on long weekends, when thousands of tourists from nearby countries escape to the ‘ciudad condal’. Barcelona is the home to a multitude of churches, monuments, buildings, streets, plazas and parks, numerous museums, modern art galleries and more than ten thousand interesting restaurants. There is an ample range of cultural offers: from concerts, exhibitions or music and cinema festivals, to fashion shows and sport competitions.

If you are looking to have the best time possible without spending too much money, continue reading. You can save on your meals (not recommended), on culture (but for that, better to stay home), on cigarettes (very difficult for some), on partying (also complicated), or simply save on the lodging – the best option of all!

Travelling should be fun, by definition, so it is necessary to have a little money in your pocket. However do not panic, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday without spending a fortune on your Barcelona accommodation (alojamiento Barcelona). If you spend a little time on the Internet, you can find different types of lodgings that are not expensive. You can also use some of the advice provided below. Thus you can solve the subject of accommodation and start planning the more interesting aspects of your trip. All you really need is a bit of spontaneity and a desire to try new things…

Hotels, a sophisticated solution

If you are planning a lavish holiday, or want somewhere very comfortable for a weekend trip, a Barcelona hotel (hotel Barcelona) is an ideal solution. There is nothing better than coming home after a day of sightseeing to a clean and tidy room where you have a place to sleep, shower, rest and recuperate before continuing your exploration of the city. Another positive aspect is that you are free to come and go at any time convenient for you and a delicious breakfast is prepared for you every morning. The majority of hotels can be found down the enchanting back streets of Barcelona, set right in the heart of the city, providing a great atmosphere for your holiday.

Staying in a private home

If you do not want to stay in a hotel, but still prefer to save money so that you can visit more monuments, go shopping or to bars – you can try staying in a private home, shared with the owner. There are many people offering rooms for rent, and most can be found on the Internet. For little cost, registered members can invite tourists to spend a holiday in their house or apartment. If you are a good shopper, with a little luck you can find a very economic, yet outstanding Barcelona apartment (apartamento en Barcelona). Another advantage of this type of lodging is that guests are usually allowed to use everything in the apartment, thus you can save even more money. More and more travellers prefer this alternative, because it is cheap, original, private and pleasant. Indeed what you are looking for during your holiday in Barcelona! In addition, the caretaker can give you advice for your explorations in Barcelona – for example: places to visit, plazas with charisma, restaurants, the best shops, and much more…

Private holiday apartments and houses

Now if you want an accommodation with a little more privacy, a holiday apartment is the ideal lodging for you. From travellers with a limited budget to families with children or couples, a holiday apartment or a house is the best solution. You can be comfortable, while still saving money; cooking in a completely equipped kitchen and not eating at restaurants, as well as washing your clothes without paying extra, etc. Holiday apartments are economic because you are not paying extra for small conveniences, as you do in hotels. Holiday apartments have become a very popular way to travel due to all the advantages and comforts that they offer. We highly recommend it!

Lodging outside the hubbub of the centre

Choosing accommodation outside the city centre can also be very economical. If for example, you are hoping to enjoy a relaxing holiday instead of running the marathon of monument and museum visits, look for a calm, pretty and economic lodging on the outskirts of the city. Spend your money on other treats and enjoy the tranquillity outside the centre.

When to travel? Remember the season

Could you consider travelling in spring, autumn or winter instead of summer, when everyone else is travelling? Off season rates for apartments are half the summer rates. You can even find luxury apartments for very reasonable prices. You can enjoy a relaxed holiday in a very special place.

As you can see, your holiday in Barcelona does not necessarily have to be expensive. Quite the opposite; you can have an inexpensive yet wonderful experience with little effort.



Finding Holiday Accommodations in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain is a beautiful city located on the Mediterranean coast between the mouths of two rivers. It is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona is a major tourist destination because of its rich cultural heritage and large airport.

The history of Barcelona seems to depend on who you ask. One legend says Hercules founded the city 400 years before Rome was built. Later, the city was rebuilt by the father of Hannibal, whose name was Hamilcar Barca. He named the city Barcino after his family, and the name was later changed to Barcelona.

Whatever the true story of Barcelona may be, there are indeed remnants of the ancient Roman culture in modern-day Barcelona. For example, if you visit the Placa del Rei, a museum, you’ll see remains of old structures there. In addition, pieces of old Roman walls are built into the La Seu cathedral.

Barcelona’s weather makes it a great place to vacation. It boasts a typical Mediterranean climate with mild, dry winters and warm, humid summers. In its coldest months, Barcelona’s average temperatures are still as high as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And, in its warmest months, the average temperature is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit — perfect for visiting one of its seven beaches or 68 parks.

Vacationers in Barcelona have a number of great options for accommodations, including hostels, hotels, and holiday apartments. These accommodations vary in price and luxury, so tourists can spend as much or as little as they like per night.

Barcelona Hostels
Examples of hostels in Barcelona are:

Backpackers bcn: Located in an 80 year old building, this hostel has been in business for five years. Though the rooms have been refurbished for comfort, the original high ceilings and colored-tile floors are in place to give the building an authentic feel. Includes breakfast, security lockers, a guest kitchen, and several other amenities.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel: This hostel is a member of Europe’s Famous Hostels (EFH) association. It is located in central Barcelona. Accommodations are dorm-style with dorm sizes ranging from 4 to 20 beds. No single or double rooms are available. Bathrooms are same-sex shared. Includes breakfast, Internet access, security lockers, air conditioning, 24-hour reception, and other amenities.

Sant Jordi Sants Hostel: Its location just 10 minutes from the main train station in Barcelona makes this hostel a great choice for those planning to use the train. The facilities include a communal living room and dining room as well as two guest kitchens. There is also a game room and solarium. Includes Internet access, security lockers, elevator, air conditioning, and more.

Barcelona Hotels
Examples of hotels in Barcelona are:

Onix Liceo: This hotel boasts a design that makes visitors feel like they’re staying in an art gallery. It is located in central Barcelona, just 25 minutes from the airport. Includes buffet breakfast, air conditioning, disabled access, elevator, non-smoking rooms, terrace, and other amenities.

Bel Art: This hotel is relatively new and is situated near Gaudi Avenue and the Sagrada Familia, a gorgeous and elaborate church by famous Barcelona architect, Gaudi. The hotel has 94 rooms, a restaurant, snack bar, conference rooms, and a car park. Includes air conditioning, bar, room service, satellite television, and more.

Husa Valles: Husa Valles isn’t actually right inside Barcelona. It is in a residential area of Sabadell, which is a city on the outskirts of Barcelona. Its location gives vacationers easy access to both Barcelona and the airport. Includes air conditioning, minibar, safety box, wireless Internet access, room service, and other amenities.

Barcelona Holiday Apartments
Examples of holiday apartments in Barcelona are:

Bailen 2: This apartment is in the Eixample Quarter of Barcelona. It was recently refurbished and can hold up to six people. Includes two double rooms (each with two single beds that can be pushed together); a large terrace; a living room with a sofa bed, television, DVD player, and dinner table; two bathrooms; and a full kitchen.

Sant Pere Mes Baix: This apartment is between the Ramblas and Born areas of Barcelona. It sleeps up to six people and is tastefully decorated. Includes a large living room, two bedrooms, a small balcony, a full bath, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

Atic Barcelona: This apartment holds up to five people and allows dogs. It’s just a few minutes away from the Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya. Includes one double room and one single room, living room with sofa-bed, complete bathroom, terrace, and kitchen.

Regardless of where you plan to stay while visiting beautiful Barcelona, be sure to make your reservations early! Barcelona is an extremely popular vacation spot, so accommodations fill up quickly.

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Hotel Infrastructure in Barcelona

Today, Barcelona is a dynamic and welcoming city which has become one of the major economic and business centers in Mediterranean Europe. Thanks to its strategic geographical location, it extends its influence over a wide area of the Mediterranean and maintains tight relations with the EC market and Latin American countries.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is located on the coast, surrounded by the Collserola, sierra to the north, the river Besós to the east and the Llobregat to the west, and is less than 150 kilometers from the Pyrenees. Located on the Mediterranean seaboard, it enjoys a warm, welcoming climate, with pleasant temperatures all year long.

Barcelona is a city which breathes art, contrasts and coexistence of cultures which endow it with a magic difficult to find in any other city. Important architectural works surprise visitors as they stroll along the streets, streets of a bustling city in which you can also find many tranquil spots and even beautiful beaches just minutes on foot from the city centre.

Since the 1992 Olympic Games, the city has had an extensive, top-quality Barcelona hotels infrastructure which, together with tourist apartments, youth hostels, campsites on the outskirts and halls of residence, comprises Barcelona’s range of accommodations. Barcelona also offers a large amount of tourist apartments. More hotels are being built every year.

The hotels have their own particular styles and offer a wide range of services and comforts so that you will feel completely at home. They all offer top-quality services and conscientious customer assistance, in accordance with European standards of quality. Furthermore, the quality of accommodation and distance to venue are more homogenous in Barcelona and Cannes’ favorable booking conditions have been replicated in Barcelona.

Hotels in Barcelona are classified with a five-star rating system – with only the super deluxe obtaining five stars. The average vacation package deal would place you in a three- or four-star hotels in Barcelona – occasionally a two star – all of which should have good facilities, with en-suite private bathroom and air conditioning. A one-star hotel is less common, as hostels and pensions tend to cater for the budget traveler.

Hostels vary between one and three stars – often family-owned and run. Before the mass tourism of the 60s, hostels were extremely basic but these days you’ll often obtain good accommodation and restaurants at a reasonable price. At the bottom end of the scale are the cheap pensions. The best of them do offer a clean, family environment at a reasonable price – but you’ll not often get your own bathroom.

Younger visitors and those looking for alternative forms of accommodation will find youth hostels, halls of residence, some of them open all year round, and campsites located a short distance from the city. In short, accommodation for all tastes and at prices to suit every pocket.

The origins of paradores go back to 1910, when the Spanish Government assigned Marquís de la Vega Inclán the task of creating a hotel infrastructure to improve Spain´s image abroad. As a result, paradores can be found in converted castles, palaces and monasteries – as well as newly-constructed ones in beautiful, unspoilt areas.

Barcelona is increasing its hotel infrastructure year after year. It currently has 250 hotels and 43,000 hotel beds. In 2004, the number of overnights rose to 10,100,000 and over 4,500,000 tourists visited Barcelona.

How to Choose the Best Accommodation in Barcelona

Like any other famous tourist destination Barcelona has a lot to offer in terms of accommodation. There are many alternatives like hotels, hostels, campsites and holiday apartments, all of them providing both advantages and disadvantages depending on your particular situation and on the season or period of the year.

In the case of hotels, there are countless options ranging from one to five stars. Every hotel has its own particular style; there are fancy, luxurious hotels as well as funky, fashionable ones or simply traditional hotels, and lets face it, there are also crappy ones. Most of the hotels offer a wide range of services and comforts and in general terms, and as stated on the web page of Turisme de Barcelona (Barcelona Tourism) “Since the 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona has had an extensive, top-quality hotel infrastructure”. The most common problems with hotels are their prices, that usually tend to be higher than the prices of other options, and the booking that is not always easy.

In terms of Hostels, there are approximately ten, not many to choose from. Most of them are located in the vicinity of the old city. Almost all the hostels require guests to rent sheets and some of them lock their doors in the early hours. The general disadvantages of hostels are well known, for example lack of privacy and bathroom sharing are the main issues when analyzing this option. Another problem hostels have is the lack of booking therefore clients have to take the risk of not finding a bed, specially in high season. Prices are its key point but still there isn’t a good price value relationship.

Moving to campsites, there is a fair number of facilities on the outskirts of Barcelona near to areas of natural interest and beaches. Their main problems are location and opening season. The nearest campsite is nine kilometers south-west of the city center and most of them aren’t open all year round but just during the summer.

Finally, Barcelona has a wide range of holiday apartments to rent with all the facilities of home. Usually a holiday apartment in Barcelona is fully equipped and provides bed linen and towels. The apartment in Barcelona can be located in any zone of the city the client desires because there are many companies offering an endless number of flats all over the city. To rent an apartment in Barcelona is easy due to the fact that most of the short tenancy companies work on the Internet. The most known disadvantage of this type of accommodation is that some companies aren’t serious enough and tend to overbook the apartments.

Finding the right place in Barcelona is not an easy task thanks to the huge amounts of information the guest has to analyze beforehand. Just try to place yourself in one of the segments mentioned above, study its advantages as well as its disadvantages and surely the job will be easier.

Barcelona – A Majestic City Well Worth A Visit

It has been invaded by the Visigoths, the Muslims and then the armies of what is now France.

The Empire controlling Barcelona grew and fell over the centuries, with times of peace and of war. This rich and exciting history is part of what makes Barcelona a fascinating destination to visit. Today, Catalonia is one of Spain’s seventeen autonomous communities and Barcelona is its capital. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain.

Barcelona contains an old city area which is known to be one of the most romantic in all of Europe. The area is full of charm with its small shops and streets. It is a lovely area to just wander around and take in the atmosphere. There are beautiful old buildings that are worth seeing for their architecture which is a mix of Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance.

The Rambla is one of the landmarks that make Barcelona famous. It stretches from Pl. de Catalunya to the Columbus statue. It is filled with kiosks, animal stalls, flower stalls and artists. Here you will brush shoulders with many of the locals who also spend time in this colorful area. If you enjoy a bit of sunshine, Barcelona can offer that to you as well. It has recently been involved in a seafront recovery operation and now boasts four kilometers of beautiful beaches.

Alongside the historical areas of the city of Barcelona, visitors can find a modern cosmopolitan city. It is easy to find a large variety of night life activities. The city offers anything from discos to pubs, concerts to terraces and many varied and popular fiestas and shows. If old architecture is not your style, you will also find that Barcelona is a center of Modernist architecture. In fact, it appears to be at the forefront of international tendencies in this regard.

Barcelona contains any number of accommodation options anything from hotels to hostels and many choices in between. The hotels in Barcelona are very popular and they tend to have up to 85% room occupancy throughout the year. If you decide to stay in a hotel, it is recommended for you to book your room well in advance to avoid disappointment.

In Barcelona, you will also be able to find holiday apartments throughout the city that are available for rent. Surprisingly, these are not very popular so you are likely to be able to find excellent deals here. The advantages of a rental apartment are that you will often find an apartment to rent, at a reasonable price, in an area where hotel accommodation is often booked up well in advance (such as by the beach). They also offer privacy and space to a degree that you will not be able to find in a hotel. Barcelona also offers ‘aparthotels’ and hostels. Aparthotels are apartments within hotels which have self-catering facilities. They offer more space, more privacy and generally better prices, with slightly fewer amenities than hotels. Hostels are shared accommodation that are excellent if you are traveling on a budget.