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Romantic Getaways In Barcelona

But if you and your partner are looking for something a bit different, then there is no better city in the world than Barcelona to get your pulse racing again.

Romance is one thing. The place you stay is something else altogether. You cannot hope to have a romantic getaway without the proper accommodation. Wherever you go, you will be spending a good chunk of your time in your hotel, holiday apartment or resort. If the accommodation is not up to your expectations, then your romantic holiday will not get off on the right note.
It is not only staying in the right place that should make a difference. You have to stay in the right location to avoid having to travel too far to the romantic places you wish to visit while you are in Barcelona.

One place you should consider is Hotel Girona. The hotel is situated in proximity to the main city centre. Set in modernist architecture, the hotel has an understatement of romance and elegance. The interior has maintained an element of its originality and is a true reflection of Barcelona’s rich history. The outside terrace area is the most romantic and provides the perfect intimate setting for any couple looking for some quiet time.

If you are the type of person who is looking for something a little different, then Hotel Arts should provide you with just that. It is not your mainstream idea of romance, but rather provides the views that all seaside holidays should be made of. The hotel is slightly pricier than other Barcelona getaways, but its minimalist styling and panoramic views should make it all worthwhile. The hotel bar serves over 500 wines, so even the most discerning palate should find no reason to complain. Couples can spend romantic pampered days in the spa, followed by a sunset walk along the promenade.

If you prefer not to stay right in the city centre, then Hotel Relais d’Orsa should be perfect. The hotel is located a half hour from the city centre and is a true taste of Spanish elegance. The hotel is styled in original 18th century finishings. Situated on a hilltop, the views of Barcelona are breathtaking. The hotel combines old charm with all the modern amenities you could wish for. The surrounding area is as green as you will find anywhere in the world and is the perfect setting for a quiet, romantic getaway.

There are too many places to mention where to stay in romantic Barcelona. There is so much choice in the way of hotels, accommodation and holiday apartments that whatever your tastes, you will find the perfect romantic setting.

Excellent Ambience of Valencia City & Valencia Hotels

Valencia is strategically located in the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline overlooking the spacious Gulf of Valencia. Valencia is located equidistant from Madrid as well as Barcelona, both major decision centers of the country. Valencia holds importance as the administrative capital of the Valencian community and the centre of the region of L’Horta. The old quarter of the region is an apt place to start sightseeing around the city. The Valencia Institute of Modern Arts is one of the primary sightseeing attractions in the city. The districts of Seu and Xerea house the most outstanding artistic heritage. One will be impressed by the marks left by the Romans which are to be found lying hidden beneath the Arab ruins as well as modern churches and palaces.

One of the attractions well liked by the travelers and tourists is the Gothic building of La Lonja which has been officially designated as a heritage of humanity by UNESCO. The building houses a beautiful columned room which is still equipped with the old tables of yesteryears on which trading transactions were given final shape and are very much in use even today. Valencia has slowly grown as a bourgeoisie with wide pavements and broad landscaped thoroughfares. The growth of modernist architecture is also very prominently on display. The nursery gardens on one side of the old riverbed are a visually attractive sight. The Fine Arts Museum is an attraction worth a visit. The part of the city which is ultramodern, on account of its size serves the useful purpose of a nexus between the coastal townships and the old quarter.

The city has an attractive park called the Gulliver Children’s Park which along with the leisure and culture complex represents what can be safely considered to be the future look of the city. The city has a charming life which spreads down to the seafront. The seafront has a fantastic harbor which along with the beaches of Las Arenas and La Malvarrosa forms an important area of attraction for the tourists.

The tourists can look forward to a pleasant and comfortable stay in the hotels in Valencia. Most hotels Valencia Spain have been well equipped with all modern amenities and facilities which are suitable to the requirements and needs of the modern day traveler. The modern hotels Valencia Spain are designed to ensure that the guests at no point in time have to face any inconvenience of any sort. The hotels of the city are varied and available for all types of travelers be it the luxury tourists or the leisure tourists. Most of the hotels have superb locations in excellent surroundings which ensure that the tourists feel comfortable and easily merge into the atmosphere of the city. The ambience of the city is well reflected by the services rendered by the hospitality staff of the city’s hotels. The ambience and atmosphere of the city is a feature which endears tourists to the city. And, coupled with the lovely atmosphere and excellent services rendered by the hospitable staff the tourists are provided with an exclusive holiday on their tour of the city.

Barcelona Through The Ages

Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city, both from a geographical perspective and from a population perspective. It provides a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new. Its rich history and culture have strong Mediterranean influences, setting it apart from other cities in Spain. This influence, along with its exciting history, makes Barcelona a fascinating holiday destination today.

Barcelona was founded around the year 230 BC by the Carthaginians. It changed hands many times and was invaded and then inhabited by the Visigoths, the Muslims and then the armies of what is now France.

The Empire that controlled Barcelona saw periods of growth and decline over the centuries and these typically corresponded with times of peace and of war. Today, Spain is made up of seventeen autonomous communities and Barcelona is the capital of the community known as Catalonia. It is located on the northeastern shores of the Iberian Peninsula. It has two official languages Catalan and Castilian Spanish.

Barcelona has made an effort to preserve its historic Gothic center and this adds to the juxtaposition of old and new that is evident in the city. You can find an old maze of narrow streets that contrasts with the modern grid-like layout of the new infrastructure in the Eixample which is Barcelona’s enlargement and urban planning project. Many buildings in Barcelona provide evidence of those who once inhabited the land. You can see many monuments to the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance periods of the city. However, Barcelona is also a center of Modernist architecture and it is at the forefront of international trends. These contrasting styles that can be found side-by-side in Barcelona make it a fascinating city.

Barcelona experienced a major economic revival during the onset of industrialization and since the mid 1800s it has continued to grow. It hosted the World’s Fair in 1888. Today, Barcelona is one of the economic leaders in the area. It is a modern cosmopolitan city with a large variety of entertaining and vibrant night time activities. The city is home to many discos and pubs, concerts and terraces. It also hosts a number of popular fiestas and shows.

Barcelona boasts a large variety of holiday accommodation options. You can stay in hotels which range in quality and price. Hotels in Barcelona have 85% room occupancy throughout the year, so if you choose to stay in a hotel, you must make sure to book your room well in advance. Another option, that is not widely taken advantage of in Barcelona, is holiday rental apartments. These are a very worthwhile choice as they offer you privacy and space. As they are not widely chosen as an accommodation option, there are many available throughout the city including areas where it is very difficult to find hotel accommodation, such as near the beach.

Other accommodation options include aparthotels. These are apartments that are attached to a hotel. They offer more space and privacy than staying in the hotel would, however they do not offer all the amenities that would be available in the hotel itself.

Barcelona A Mediterranean City You Must See

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and is located on the northeastern shores of the Iberian Peninsula. Barcelona differs from many other cities in Spain in that it is essentially a Mediterranean city. There you will find Mediterranean influences in its history, culture and traditions.

A Roman colony was established in Barcelona in the second century. Today, it is a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new. Barcelona prides itself on its preservation of its historic Gothic center. You will also be intrigued by the maze of narrow streets that contrast with their modern grid-like layout. You will find old buildings that provide an architectural treat monuments to the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance periods of the city. At the same time, you will find that Barcelona is a center of Modernist architecture. It is most certainly at the forefront of international tendencies so if you want a glimpse into where the world is headed, Barcelona is the place to see it.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and is highly economically active. Its major economic revival occurred during the onset of industrialization. Since the 1850s it has continued to grow and today it remains one of the economic leaders in the area. This was topped off by the World’s Fair in 1888. Its cosmopolitan nature offers visitors to the area a plethora of night life activities ranging from discos to pubs, concerts to terraces and a numbers of popular fiestas and shows. Barcelona also boasts over four kilometers of beautiful coastline. Recently, there has been a seafront recovery in Barcelona and the beaches are now well worth a visit if you want to relax a bit.

There are a range of accommodation options in Barcelona. The hotels in the area are often full so you need to book well in advance. In fact, the hotel industry has up to 85% room occupancy throughout the year. The good news is that you do not have to stay in a hotel when you come to Barcelona. There are many holiday apartments that are available for rent throughout the city. There are many advantages to booking an apartment rental for your stay. You will often find an affordable apartment to rent in an area that is extremely difficult to find hotel accommodation in (such as on the beach front). They also offer a level of privacy that you will not find in a hotel. It is also possible to stay in ‘aparthotels’ and hostels. Aparthotels are relatively new to Barcelona. They are apartments within hotels which are self-catering and therefore a more budget alternative to staying in a pure hotel.

Barcelona is a wonderful destination for any tourist its stunning architecture and rich culture make is fascinating. Its delicious cuisine makes it gastronomically pleasing and its gorgeous weather make it a pleasure to visit. So, if you want to relax by the sea or enjoy some rich culture and history, Barcelona should be near the top travel destinations on your list.