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Finding a Place to Lay Your Head in Spain

There’s nothing like a vacation to relax your soul and renew your outlook on life. Particularly if you’re visiting a foreign country, like Spain, where there are many historical and cultural sights and gorgeous beaches to lounge on.

As exciting as the actual vacation can be, the time leading up to it is often hectic and confusing as you make your travel plans. One of the most difficult tasks in planning a vacation in Spain, particularly if you don’t speak the language, is finding hotel accommodations that suit your needs and your budget.

Fortunately, Spain has a great number of great places to lay your head, and you can spend as much or as little as you like per night. Of course, what you spend also depends on what you must have to spend your vacation comfortably and where you plan to stay. If you plan to stay in one of the larger cities, like Barcelona, you can expect to pay a higher price for your hotel room than if you stay in one of the smaller cities.

One trick to getting the lowest possible rates for your accommodations in Spain is to actually not make reservations until you get to Spain. Try to arrive at your actual destination as early in the day as possible, and then take a bit of time to check out options other than hotels, such as hostels or hostales, where you can often get a nice, comfortable room at very little cost.

In Spain, there are a few different options for holiday accommodations, such as:

Hotels: Hotels in Spain are pretty much the same as they are in other countries. Most have private bathrooms, safety features, and air conditioning. They generally accept payment by credit card and can be booked ahead of time from your home or travel agency. As an added benefit, you’re very likely to find English-speaking staff to assist you.

Hostels or Hostales: Hostels are often known as youth hostels. However, they are also open to families. These are less expensive than hotels, though they may not have some of the luxuries. Many of them have very nice rooms and often have staff members who speak English. Some have private bathroom you may have to supply your own towels and washcloths, though.

Pensiones: These are basically rooms for rent. They’re very basic and may not be as nice as the accommodations of a hostel or hotel. The rooms are sometimes quite small, don’t have air conditioning, and guests usually have to share a bathroom. Most don’t accept credit card payments and may not have English-speaking staff.

Holiday Apartments: There are plenty of apartments available to travellers in Spain. These are, as they sound, full apartments including bedrooms, sitting areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. They’re an excellent option for long vacations or for families who prefer to keep their children all under one roof rather than in several separate hotel rooms.

When planning a trip to Spain, it’s best to reserve hotels ahead of time since it can be difficult to find accommodations during some months of the year. This is especially true if you’re travelling to places such as Barcelona or Madrid where it can be difficult to get a hotel room in the summer even well in advance.

If you plan to stay in a hostel, you may wish to wait until you get there to choose your accommodations. Because the quality of hostels and the amenities they offer varies widely, it’s best if you check out the room before you reserve it. This does, of course, run some risk of not finding a place at all or having to settle for something less luxurious than you might otherwise stay in.

In the end, where you choose to stay in Spain really depends on what you’d like to spend and what kind of luxuries you’re used to having and it may just depend on how adventurous you are, too!