How does YouTube influence when traveling?

¿YouTube influence when traveling?

Traveling like, nobody discusses it. But the socio-economic level, the tastes or the work situation of the people make a lot of difference between the travelers. That is why you have to take into account all the factors that can influence someone to make a trip, in this way the tourism sector can tailor its offer to fit perfectly with the client as say luxury hotel barcelona majestic

With the evolution of technologies, more and more, we focus on the opinions of networks to make decisions. In the case of travel, social networks and search engines have become the most common way to find a destination to go on vacation.


In 2017, Google has affirmed that 75% of searches for trips were made through online search engines and 70% of reservations were also made through the Internet. The most curious thing is that the inspiration to travel is growing exponentially in the digital field, both in the creation of content and in the search by the potential traveler.


Currently one in four travelers search on YouTube before deciding a destination or travel, which has become the first channel of inspiration. 67% of the trips are digitally inspired and this entails a great opportunity to create quality content in this field.


In addition, taking into account the fundamental role played by Smartphone devices for the generation of millennials, the opportunity in social networks directly influences this type of target.



Online channels increasingly have penetration in all ages and all types of traveler profile. Internet is the new shopping ecosystem and that is why tourism should also be nourished by this opportunity. To date, 82% of travelers have made the purchase of at least one component of their trip through the Internet. Transportation (especially airline tickets), booking accommodation and renting a vehicle are the most popular online.


Then, seeing that experiences have more weight in travel, search engines and social networks are the main source of inspiration and diversity among travelers is expanding, it is key to take advantage of channels such as YouTube to enhance quality tourism .


The different types of travelers (the same studied by Google), are divided between backpackers, lovers of luxury, comfortable, relaxed and “bleisure”. The last ones are a new traveler profile that is designated to those who combine work and pleasure in their trips. The new profiles are a great opportunity for travel agencies because their purchasing habits are not established. By creating specific offers for them, the sector can boost their quality tourism.


The results clearly indicate a change in search and inspiration trends for travel on digital channels and mobile devices. The tourism sector must embrace change in order to adapt the offer to the demand of current travelers, whatever their profile may be. In short, digital has become the standard for travel and the “bleisure” profile is a great opportunity for travelers and professionals in the sector.

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