Making a positive mark by fulfilling the commitments of social corporate responsibility

Making a positive mark by fulfilling the commitments of social corporate responsibility

Working for the environment, for the society and for those who are not privileged enough to enjoy luxury in their lives is something godly. For individual businesses, especially the hotel industry, this responsibility is something that can have a lot of benefits.

What is Social Corporate Responsibility? 5 star hotel barcelona

But, before going into that, it is essential to understand the basic concept of SCR. The business organizations following the commitments of their social responsibilities are meant to donate money to the non-profit purposes.

Moreover, another crucial work that is often carried out by the business organizations is implementing environmental policies within the workplace so that both the employees and the outsiders associated with the business can get a right image of the organization.

Hotel Industry & SCR – Do these two matches? 5 star hotels in barcelona

The hotel industry is something that deals with people in most of the time. Therefore, a committed hotel with several social actions is more likely to get noticed in the crowd and also gets the ability to send across a message for the community and the people of the city or town too.

The works can be anything, but the benefits are huge. Apart from the donation, recycling, waste management, energy usage and employee volunteering are some of the other works that have been quite popular among several hotels.

Over the years, the hotels associated with such social works have earned a special place in the community. It was successful in creating a positive brand image that finally helped them to get a high amount of revenues as well. Moreover, these social acts have also supported the hotels to increase the employee engagement.

Majestic Hotel & Spa – the pioneer in SCR

Considering the works that are done by the hotels in Barcelona, Majestic Hotel & Spa undoubtedly deserves a special mention in this case. Although a lot of people don’t expect such works of social activism from a luxurious hotel like Majestic, in reality, the hotel has always been entirely responsible regarding its agenda and proved it again to the people of Barcelona.

In its part of maintaining the good works, they have supported their responsibility in various forms including social, environmental and work-based. The results are undoubtedly phenomenal. They have included the activities of social responsibility as a pivotal agenda in their corporate goals. Now, it has become one of the parts of the workplace culture strengthening the roots even more.

Majestic Hotel & Spa – SCR activities

Among their major activities, their collaboration with IRES Foundation requires a special mention. The authority has taken the responsibility of improving the lives of those who suffer from the fear of social exclusion due to their vulnerable conditions.

Majestic authority, being a committed hotel with several social actions, has asked their visitors to donate 1€ every time they visit the hotel that directly goes into their SCR account for the benefit of the children since 2012. Secondly, for the last 45 years, the hotel is also part of a program called ‘Solidarity Suite’ under which a percentage of income is generated from room 225 reservation.

They have claimed the pioneering position in improvising the Quality and Environmental Management Systems following all the norms too.


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