Routes through Barcelona: discovering Catalan Manchester

Routes through Barcelona: discovering Catalan Manchester

We propose a route through the Poble Nou, specifically for what was formerly known by the Manchester Catalan, an area that as stated by Jordi Fossas, President of the Municipal Archive of Poble Nou, went from making screws to become a center of industry of knowledge. ‘A much cleaner industry’, according to the notes of this architect. It is he who contextualizes the urban space and highlights the 3 most important historical moments that have defined what is currently the landscape of Poble Nou.

The first highlight was, evidently, the industrialization of the nineteenth century, when the first indians were installed in that area of ​​the city thanks to the proximity of the neighborhood with the sea. The radical transformation of the landscape was responsible for the nickname with which we still know that area. The sixties supposed a change in the conception of the industry and, therefore, this is the second historic moment to be highlighted by Manchester Manchester. The first textile crisis led many industries to failure and most of them turned into small workshops, some of which still survive.

The Olympics were the turning point of this neighborhood that, finally and since then, has abandoned conceptualized industrialization from its most orthodox point of view, to turn the area into a space of new creation; The Maritime Front, the opening of the Diagonal and the 22 @ are examples of the Barcelona of the future. A Barcelona that has abandoned that habit of keeping only chimneys as vestiges of an era, to bet on the conservation of heritage, and not only that, but also adapt it to new architectural and urbanistic forms. The old Catalan Manchester is an area where old industrial buildings survive, currently with other uses.

If you are interested in architecture, urban planning, history or simply are in love with Barcelona, ​​do not miss the opportunity to get to know this area of ​​the city. The web contains a series of itineraries by 22 @ that will allow you to know different points of view of this neighborhood; one that crosses public and cultural spaces, another for historical-artistic buildings of Poble Nou, and another for spaces of innovation and for new buildings, of companies specialized in ICT. We have tried to summarize these three itineraries into one. You will see it in the video that we attach, with individual comments for each of the spaces. Enjoy the visit!

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